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What does writing a book have in common with catching a snake?Lisa Fitzpatrick pic

“There’s plenty of book coaches out there but what drew me to Alex immediately was that she truly does understand what writing a book entails. How do I know? Because of her video of how tricky it is to catch a wild snake and put it in a bag. That’s exactly how it feels to write a book. It’s slippery, it’s hard, it’s awkward, it’s even dangerous!”
Lisa Fitzpatrick, author of Healing the Heart of Your Business



Author Support Services is located in a beautiful regional area, but one of the downsides to this is we get a lot of snakes, and they had a taste for my chickens. My helpful neighbour was catching and bagging the snakes for me so I could relocate them,  but I knew I needed to learn the art of snake wrestling myself. I was avoiding it because I thought it would be a mysterious and technical process, but it turned out that like many things, all I had to do was understand the steps and the risks, make a plan and just do it!

Writing a book could be considered just as daunting as catching a snake, when you consider all the steps and decisions involved. In some ways it would be easier to just get someone else to do it – or not do it at all! However, there is much satisfaction when the snake is in the bag, and when the published book is in your hands.

The process of writing a book is about understanding what’s involved, deciding how much you can and want to do by yourself, and how much you would prefer someone else do for you. Writing your book doesn’t have to be a lonely journey, and my role is to help you find your way so you can achieve your writing goals rather than letting that manuscript languish forever as a good idea.

I will stand behind you and give advice or assistance whenever you need it. Services include cheerleading, butt kicking and hand holding – whatever it takes to get the snake into the bag.  You might choose regular meetings to coach and support you all the way from writing to printing, or perhaps there’s just one area in which you would like a professional, and friendly helping hand. It’s about giving you the support you want so that you are in charge of the process.

The satisfaction you will feel when your book is in print will be as exciting as getting that snake into the bag.  So get in touch and get started!

One to one coaching and editing to bring your idea to reality – YOUR WAY

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Megan Carige Profile shot Writing my first children’s book was a daunting task, however having Alex Fullerton Mitchell to guide me through the process gave me confidence and took away much of the anxiety.

Alex is professional yet very approachable and warm.  Her knowledge of the book industry is solid and as a result her advice and support led to me to have a successful and fulfilling experience of publishing my first book.

Not only is Alex a tremendous business woman, but she cares about her clients and gives you that personal touch.  I highly recommend Author Support Services and feel very appreciative to have worked with Alex and her team.

Megan Carige
Happy Day Out in Toowoomba

 Megan Carige 3D_Cover

Cover Roller Coaster Mumma Professional, heart holder and butt kicker, with a sense of humour … that’s how I’d describe Alex Fullerton Mitchell.  The standard of service provided by Alex and her team was outstanding. I didn’t realise quite how daunting the process of writing and publishing a book could be, so I sincerely valued and trusted the much needed guidance and support throughout every step of my journey publishing ‘Roller Coaster Mumma: The ride from birth to bonkers!’ Alex really understood my ideas and helped bring the creativity that was in my head to life. Alex guided me in making the difficult decisions and meeting deadlines, but most of all she held my heart and believed in me and my book!

Majella Lennox
Roller Coaster Mumma


Tracey Carmichael profile photo



Writing a book can be similar to giving birth. It can be daunting, a bit scary, overwhelming and at times painful. I could not have wished for a better mid-wife than Alex to assist and coach me in the delivery of the Happy Mind Movement: Wake up, step up and own it. Alex was a great coach who supported me all the way with constructive feedback, editing and creatives ideas. She also helped me to see how the reader would perceive my message and where at times I didn’t have the clarity I thought I had in my message. I also loved the one stop shop Alex provided including coaching, editing, design and type setting. Thanks to Alex and her expertise it was an easy and enjoyable experience. I felt safe and supported all the way. Thank you Alex.

Tracey Carmichael
The Happy Mind Movement

Tracey Carmichael Happy Mind Movement

Pete's Surprise front cover



As I stand here with my brand new copy of my first children’s book, Pete’s Surprise in my hot little hands, I can’t help but smile at my dream made reality. There it is, my name on the cover of an actual book with my own characters and pictures inside.

In a perfect world I would tell you I came to Alex at Authors Support Services with a well organised file full of illustrations and words and the confidence to know what I wanted and how to get it. Reality was a lot different. Disorganised as only a creative person can be, it took a woman like Alex with her outstanding listening skills to untangle it all and understand the way I did things.

With her endless patience and straight talk, Alex was there to take me by the hand and lead me (sometimes drag me) through the mind numbing territory of paperwork, applications and submitting, all the necessary steps it takes to get published. I am forever thankful for Alex’s magical ability to know the difference between when my life was too crazy to take even a small step forward on this project, and when I was procrastinating and indulging my self doubt.

Deanne Temple
Pete’s Surprise

Deanne Temple photo

 Cheryl Flynn author photo From the initial tentative email I had sent to Author Support Services, “Dear Alex, I have written a lot of verse and free verse and would like to publish a book of poetry” to the upbeat, encouraging response I received “Congratulations on writing your book”, I felt extremely fortunate to have found Alex.

I could not have asked for a more professional, nurturing and user-friendly experience than I had with Author Support Services. Alex encourages a writer to think outside of the box. I am forever grateful for her innovative and beyond-the-call-of-duty flair for editing. This was especially apparent when Alex was editing one of my poems and relayed to me that she had gone into her garden and tasted a bougainvillea flower, which she informed me tasted horrible and bitter – all for the betterment of my book – I took her word for it!

With Alex’s guidance and expertise I hold in my hands with pride, Emotive Poetry to awaken the senses and soothe the soul.  Special thanks also to the team of specialists Alex works in conjunction with, especially her designer Sylvie who executed the vision I had for my book far better than I could have imagined.

Chez Ann
Emotive Poetry

Emotive book cover Chez Ann




 Belinda Marinus My Life as Your Dog cover ‘My Life as Your Dog – Milestones, Messes and Mementos’ would still be hand written in a sketch book if I hadn’t met Alex.  I had a great concept for the book, I had basically written the content but I didn’t have a clue about bringing it to life.

As soon as I met Alex and discussed my book, I immediately saw a glint in her eye and knew she understood where I was coming from.   Not only was Alex personable, professional and knowledgeable, she appreciated and embraced my wacky sense of humour and even taught me a few new dog puns along the way.

Alex has held the leash, helped me sit and stay, calmed me when I have been chasing my tail and encouraged me every step of the way.  The process was quite involved and if not for Alex I may not have seen my book in print. Now I am like a dog with a bone and about to get it out there for all the dog owners and lovers. I am so proud of the final product and now I have ideas for more books, I am excited all over again!

I highly recommend Alex, whether you are looking for someone to guide you gently or give you that extra push to bring your book to life, look no further.  Thank you Alex for your support, patience and expertise!

Belinda Marinus
My Life as Your Dog

Belinda Marinus profile photo


Lara Casanova web

Alex, you are amazing. Your expertise, passion, patience, editing and coaching allowed my book to come to fruition. You took ‘Heartbreak, Healing and Happiness’, and me, on a fabulous journey, one that I could not have travelled on alone and arrived at my destination in one piece. You were able to give me honest constructive feedback to enable my book to be more succinct and professional. Your editing was spot on and brought all my sentences together beautifully. You provided coaching and support when I felt the whole process becoming a little overwhelming. You provided enthusiasm and passion for my project and I always looked forward to speaking with you. You were able to direct me to third parties for design and printing elements. The knowledge you hold in this area is top notch and I am proud to recommend you to anyone thinking of starting this journey and wanting it to be a fun and fruitful exercise. Thank you again you are absolutely wonderful, I so appreciate all your help and my book and I owe you a debt of gratitude. I will be speaking to you soon to get started on number two.

Lara Casanova
Heartbreak, Healing and Happiness – Flourishing after a Heartbreak



Front_Cover compressed



‘A Stroke of Poetry’ is no longer a dream. It is now a book I can share with the world. My wish to self-publish my book of poetry would never have been realised had I not been introduced to the inspiring Alex Mitchell. Alex understood me. She understood why I wanted to do my book and where I wanted to go with it. Alex has not only edited, guided and mentored, but has been my confidante, my early morning/late night panic button recipient when I began to stress over the smallest of things. Alex kept me grounded and motivated and believed from the start I could achieve my goal. She gave me the confidence to keep moving forward with positivity, knowing it would all be good in the end. Alex is passionate about each and every one of her authors and has certainly gone that ‘extra mile’ and far beyond for me. I am ever so grateful for her input into my book, her ideas, her energy and most of all her expertise to make it all happen. I am delighted with my book and thank Alex from the bottom of my heart for doing what she advertises and ‘bringing my book to life’. If you have a dream to write a book, you should look no further.

Shelagh Brennand
A Stroke of Poetry

 5320_Brennand_104_FEMMAT high res

Julie Hyndman profile Without Alex, ‘Pushing Shadows’, my first book of poetry, would not have been published. With heart, Alex helped me firstly sort through the ‘mind mess’, then with gentle prodding kept me on track, carefully nudging when needed to finally make it to the Brisbane Writers Festival 2015. What a huge achievement, which was only a dream til Alex helped bring it to reality. Thank you so much Alex, words aren’t enough.

Julie Hyndman
Pushing Shadows

Julie Hyndman book

Lisa Fitzpatrick book cover After working with Alex Mitchell to write my book, I can’t imagine how any writer could afford not to have her skilful, experienced and wise guidance. Alex has saved me countless hours of directionless work and bucket-loads of frustration. She has given me the priceless gift of having clear direction in my writing process. This has saved me from experiencing my tendency towards writer’s block. Alex is the ultimate writer’s secret weapon. I can’t thank you enough Alex!

Lisa Fitzpatrick
Healing the Heart of Your Business

Lisa Fitzpatrick pic

Karen Clarke, author When I began the process of writing my book I quickly realised that my greatest problem was not so much being able to transfer my thoughts onto paper, it was far more the ability to understand how those words would be construed. Alex, throughout this process calmly, patiently, dilligently and determinedly guided my at times, rather effervescent ramblings and brought them to life in a form that is at once intelligible, yet uniquely and undeniably mine. I am deeply grateful that the mix of author/editor worked out so beautifully in this instance. You have done a wonderful job helping bring this baby to life Alex, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Karen Clarke
From Bullied to Brilliant

Alex's client Karen Clarke book cover


Your Brilliant Uncareer book image I connected with Alex quite late in the book writing process and I wish I had known about her services sooner. The book was okay before she had her way with it but after working with her, it was 100 times better. I’ve had rave reviews from readers across the world and I owe the response to Alex’s keen editing eye. She helped me bring order and structure to my ramblings. At the beginning, she asked me what kind of editor I wanted and I knew that I needed someone who would be direct and honest and really get to the core of what the book was about without getting emotionally invested in the way I worded things. Alex was perfect for this role. She didn’t hold back and always had the reader in mind when she made comments. Authors can be egotistical beings so it really helped to be reminded that it was about the reader, not so much about me. My book is having an impact because I had an awesome team behind me as I wrote it, and Alex was a key player. Her service was excellent and her advice stellar but she was also full of humour and quick to praise when she liked something too. I won’t hesitate to hire her for my next project, but this time she’ll be involved from the very beginning. Thank you Alex!
Cas McCullough
Your Brilliant Uncareer: Women, entrepreneurship and making the leap
Cas McCullough profile photo



Dave profile photo Salt of the Sea is my first book and deals with the rough and tumble world of commercial fishing. I have been deeply compelled to share some of these unique and exciting stories with the general public. One of the greatest challenges I faced was to write in a user-friendly manner acceptable to industry experts and peers as well as non-fishing industry outsiders. I spent countless hours searching the web for editorial assistance and found myself drawn towards Author Support Services. Alex immediately understood my mission and very professionally went about turning my dream into reality, and there are already numerous signs that the book will be a success. When I feared I could go no further, Alex lifted me up to fight yet another round. Her enthusiasm and skill bought me to the finish line. The end result is a book that I am extremely proud of.
Dave Dawson
Salt of the Sea: Tales from commercial fishermen
Salt of the Sea 3D cover



Vanessa Bushell I attended Alex Mitchell’s workshop in 2011 and then as a refresher in 2013. When I first attended her course I didn’t have a book so I quickly wrote an introduction for a book I wanted to write that fit with a core theme in my business. Two and a bit years later my first book is written! Alex simply ‘got it’ from the beginning and guided me beautifully towards the finished copy. All her support, red pen and keen eye gave my writing exactly it needed to become a high quality product. Thank you Alex, what I spent on the process was worth every penny.
Vanessa Bushell
Don’t Tell Me To Get Over It: A woman’s guide to navigating emotional overwhelm
Vanessa Bushell profile



Jill and Imogen Writing a book together was a new challenge – we knew we both could write, but we’d never created something together before. We wanted to make sure the book flowed and there wasn’t an interruption to the reading experience when the voice moved from one author to the next. We also wanted to be sure that the book was well structured and made sense – that the reader nodded their head as the book moved from section to section, and didn’t furrow their brow wondering where they were being taken! Alex provided a structural edit of our final draft and gave us excellent suggestions for tightening the book in terms of how it was laid out and how to smooth certain sections. This process gave us a huge boost in confidence that we were releasing not only quality material, but a book that flowed beautifully and was a pleasure to read.
Imogen Lamport and Jill Chivers
Svelte in Style: How to look and feel great while losing weight
SvelteinStyle 3D



Karen Twitchett book Engaging Alex as my book coach has been one of the best investments that I’ve made in my own learning and development. When I set out to achieve my writing goals in January this year I didn’t actually realise that the process would be every much as fulfilling as the outcome. To be honest I was clueless about the process. I didn’t even realise that book coaches existed but thank goodness they do, and thank goodness I discovered Alex. Alex has been a true partner in my book project. She’s applied a balance of coaching and mentoring techniques with specialist advice, and hands on editorial support. Not once has she made me feel like the writing novice that I am. She has built my confidence and I believe that this is evident in the quality of my writing today. We’ve meet fortnightly over Skype throughout the entire process, so my learning has been iterative. In January this year our initial coaching sessions established a much needed framework, focus and time frame for the book. Alex’s advice on the early chapters resulted in an effective structure for both the reader and the author. As the chapters continued, Alex introduced me to the reader’s learning curve and reinforced the discipline needed to keep the project on track. Now as we finalise the last couple of chapters we are down to the business end of engaging book designers, considering publishing options and determining the look and feel of the finished product. The goal is to have the final chapters completed by the end of July and the book published by September. With thanks to Alex this goal will no doubt be achieved.
Karen Twitchett
Author of Sweet and Unsavoury: Case stories for people managers
Karen Twitchett



Kylie Patchett As a health coach, I thought writing a book was as simple as jotting my thoughts down and sticking all those bits together. When I started working with Alex in the editing process, the very first thing we did was go back to the most important questions: who are you talking to? And what do you want them to get out of it? From that moment, my message, voice and delivery got clearer and more impactful. Oh, how I wish I had done this process at the very beginning. I would have saved time, money and most importantly my sanity during the writing process!
Kylie Patchett
The Tall Poppy Project
Kylie Patchett book



Business Millionaire Book Cover My entire business is built around producing an incredible book product, one in which is both well written and very readable and has a high quality print job- basically it needs to look and feel a million dollars. I believe everything is energy so it is important to me to work with people who truly love what they do, as this energy is also contained within the book. I am therefore extremely particular about who I work with on our book projects to achieve a great result. My books consist of 16 individual contributors each having a chapter dedicated to them. I want their voices to be heard whilst also allowing their personality and individuality to be expressed. Along with having a consistent feel across the entire book. I feel it takes a rare talent to balance both these aspects in the editorial process. Alex was brilliant in her turnaround times and met every deadline, she really understood the Q and A style and worked within that like a true professional. Love your work Alex!
Fiona Jones
Creator and Best-selling author of The Millionaire Book series.
Fiona Jones



Lorraine Wise My book ‘Fingers Crossed Across Australia’ would not have seen the light of day if I hadn’t found Alex. I was reading our local paper one day and there she was advertising her seminar to help would-be authors. The timing was perfect and we went from there. Alex guided me through every step of the way and I am so very pleased with the result. Please take a look at our efforts. All profits go to breast cancer research.
Lorraine Wise
Fingers Crossed Across Australia:
Grey nomad tales
Fingers-Crossed-Cover for web



A Real Woman's Guide to a Fabulous Body by Julie Regan  Alex I can’t thank you enough for your commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism. Your knowledge is vast and your advice given with great thought and insight. You were referred to me by a fellow author, so I called you. That was the only conversation I needed to realise we were definitely on the same page (excuse the pun). Your passion and personable approach made the whole process easy and enjoyable. You listened and interpreted the brief accurately and had a clear grasp on my vision, then delivered a great result! You take the project on as if it was your own, which I believe is a rare trait. You also provide confidence and reassurance to the author in times of doubt! It has been a true pleasure and I look forward to working with you on my next book….
Julie Regan
A Real Woman’s Guide to a Fabulous Body
Julie Reagan - Author of A Real Woman's Guide to a Fabulous Body



 Simone Matthews Author of Shealla-Dreaming  It was an absolute delight to work with Alex of Author Support Services. Alex has the natural talent of de-mystifying the whole self publishing process and ensuring your book comes together with grace and ease. I remember sending my first draft manuscript to Alex with trepidation and a little anxiety, as I was concerned that my book may lose its magickal essence during the editing process. However, I experienced the complete reverse; the message within my pages flourished under Alex’s guidance and transformed into a beloved book filled with light and soul.  Thanks Alex for being a part of something so dear to my heart.
Simone Matthews
Shealla-Dreaming: A journey to unlock the secrets of the universe
Shealla-Dreaming by Simone Matthews



 The Happy Mind Formula by Tracey Carmichael  As a new author I felt overwhelmed. Alex guided me to find structure and decide what the real message was I wanted to deliver. This guidance gave me clarity and confidence to move forward in my writing process. Alex as an editor and support person tells what you ‘need to hear’ and not necessarily what you ‘want to hear’ in order to produce a quality product. I love this character trait in a person and it is invaluable in the process of writing. Alex’s advice and support made my journey an enjoyable experience that really helped me to develop and grow as a writer.
Tracey Carmichael
The Happy Mind Formula
Tracey Carmichael - The Happy Mind Formula



Darryl Anne Mooney I am so blessed to have met and worked with Alex Mitchell. She entered my life at such an important time when my book was finished but not edited. In only one set-price consultation, Alex helped me reach my goal to publish my book. She is professional and passionate and fully committed to her author support role. I am so grateful she helped me turn my dreams into reality.
Darryl Anne Mooney
Angelique Magnifisique
Angelique Magnifisique


 The Happy Migrant by Kama Frankling I was concerned that editing the book would mean losing my own flavour of writing, and that the book would lose its essence. In fact the opposite happened. The book now flows more easily and is easier for the reader to navigate. In my creative space it was important for me to have someone who could structure my writing with a straight forward, no nonsense approach. Alex knew how to ask structured questions from a reader’s perspective that kept me on the right track. Alex would be a great choice for any author in overwhelm, who wants direction and a professional feel to their book that they can be confident to promote.
Kama Frankling
The Happy Migrant
Kama Frankling - The Happy Migrant



 Stacey Currie - The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Can Too! Some services advertise themselves as experts but you don’t always get value or personal service. But with Author Support Services, every question I asked was answered spot on. Alex had expertise in ALL areas of the book from editing, layout, page set up, chapter ideas, back of book copy, typesetting, the printer, and not to forget her AMAZING way in which she writes and even added a few great pointers in my chapters. Alex is extremely knowledgeable in the book editing industry, she knew EXACTLY what I needed to do. As mentioned in my book, I assumed an editor just edited the writing. I got soooo much more from from Alex, her knowledge from all of the above helped transform my book into the finished product it is today!
Stacey Currie
The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Can Too!
The Rich Get Richer - The Poor Can Too by Stacey Currie



 Pim Stort - Unleash Your Money Mojo The process of writing my first book was somewhat overwhelming until I was fortunate enough to be referred to Alex. The burden of mastering this unfamiliar work was lifted. Her advice was invaluable and her expertise and natural flair added enormously to the readability of the book. She was totally professional and indispensable as my editor and guide throughout the entire process. I know her input, skill and energy made a huge difference to the finished product. I highly recommend Alex as she is reliable and easy to work with, and adds a depth of expertise while retaining the author’s individual style and manner.
Pim Stort
Unleash Your Money Mojo
Pim Stort - Unleash Your Money Mojo



 Phil Lewis in the Past  I first met Alex at a writers’ workshop. Over the following six months, Alex’s editing skills and encouragement kept me on track to complete my first novel. Going from someone who had limited creative writing skills two years ago, to completing my first book was a dream come true. I have Alex to thank for it, as well as my wife and family for putting up with my self absorption. I have since secured a publishing deal in the USA as well as a joint venture with an Irish company for the ebook.
Lewis Philips
Past, Present, Future
 Phil Lewis in the Present



 Sandy Forster - Award winning Speaker, Author and Mentor As an international author and speaker I’ve found Alex to be an important part of my team. She assists our publishing company by co-ordinating book printing in both Australia and the USA, as well as monitoring stock levels and organising CD duplication. Alex has also been a valuable support during my Millionaire Success Secrets for Women 2 day event and I’m looking forward to doing further projects with her as my company continues to grow.
Sandy Forster
International Speaker, Millionaire Mindset Mentor, Bestselling Author, Award-Winning Business Owner and
Products by Sandy Forster



Sharon Tregonning - Accepting with Grace Alex was a dream to work with. As an author  presenting her first book for editing, I was understandably nervous. But Alex refined and finessed my book without trampling on the essence and feel of what I wanted to convey. We likened the process to the giving birth and growth of a child. Our baby grew into a fully fledged young lady who was ready to be introduced to society! Thanks Alex – you made it so easy.
Sharon Tregoning,
Accepting With Grace
 Sharon Tregonning - Accepting with Grace



 Jan Murray - Settle Petal Author Support Services have been great to work with. I had a lot of information in my head that Author Support Services helped me to arrange in readable eBook format. Alex was professional, organised and patient as we worked together to establish office procedures and systems.
Jan Murray RN EM CHN
Child Health Consultant, Sunshine Coast, Australia
Putting Them to Sleep



 ONE by David Nivala Thankyou Author Support Services for your valuable assistance in getting ONE to the marketplace. Alex, you helped in so many ways bringing the thousands of words of my manuscript to a book that is a pleasure to read. The assistance was more encompassing than simple editing.
David Nivala,
Author of the novel ONE


 Belinda Marinus My Life as Your Dog cover ‘My Life as Your Dog – Milestones, Messes and Mementos’ would still be hand written in a sketch book if I hadn’t met Alex.  I had a great concept for the book, I had basically written the content but I didn’t have a clue about bringing it to life.

As soon as I met Alex and discussed my book, I immediately saw a glint in her eye and knew she understood where I was coming from.   Not only was Alex personable, professional and knowledgeable, she appreciated and embraced my wacky sense of humour and even taught me a few new dog puns along the way.

Alex has held the leash, helped me sit and stay, calmed me when I have been chasing my tail and encouraged me every step of the way.  The process was quite involved and if not for Alex I may not have seen my book in print. Now I am like a dog with a bone and about to get it out there for all the dog owners and lovers. I am so proud of the final product and now I have ideas for more books, I am excited all over again!

I highly recommend Alex, whether you are looking for someone to guide you gently or give you that extra push to bring your book to life, look no further.  Thank you Alex for your support, patience and expertise!

Belinda Marinus
My Life as Your Dog

 Belinda Marinus profile photo

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