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Do you have lots of ideas to share your expertise but still no book?

Having a fabulous idea for a book is one thing, but turning it into a fabulous published book is another. There’s so much to say and so many people you want to reach.

Writing a book is a little like baking a cake. You can have the highest quality, most irresistible ingredients, but if you don’t put them in a cake tin to mould them into shape, you’ll end up with a big sticky mess at the bottom of the oven. All that effort wasted.


Planning your book out, giving it structure and direction will give you a purpose-built mould for your creativity.

You will be able to share what you know in a way that draws your reader in, so they can hear what you have to say and benefit from your knowledge. You will shine as the expert and create a bond with your reader that leaves them wanting more.

Hi, I’m Alex Mitchell. I am a guide on your writing journey, always there to unravel ideas, answer questions, provide options and move you quickly and efficiently to the day when you hold your book in your hands.

When I started Author Support Services nine years ago I was a single mum without a support network.  After 20 years in admin, with a gift for helping businesses make their writing accessible and understandable, the decision to move in to editing was easy. As a born nurturer (I now have seven children in a blended family), my goal was to help others shine their brightest. Client demand quickly saw the business grow into a full book coaching and self publishing service with a team of specialists to ensure every step in the publishing journey is covered.

If you would like to read more about my story of my unconventional life, my experiences in the Boxing Day tsunami with my children, and my journey back into life and business, click HERE.

With my busy lifestyle, I need to make my business efficient so it fits into the time I have available. Just like me, as a small business person you need to make sure that every dollar and every hour you spend is worthwhile.

You believe in what you are doing and want to make a difference in the world,
but you must balance this with being professional and successful.

If you’ve got a book idea cooking inside you, or a partly written book that needs a little nurturing to get it over the line, consider the support of someone who spends every day bringing books to life.

Contact me today to book a powerful strategy session, just you and me, to fine tune your project and gather a recipe book full of ideas and inspiration.

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Ensure your book can get out there and make a difference.



Alex Mitchell is an independent book coach, author’s consultant and editor based on a pineapple farm in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Australia. She has spent the last nine years working with business people to create concise, compelling and comprehensive books that complement their businesses and increase their professional standing. Alex offers one to one coaching to help busy people manage their book projects, as well as small group author workshops and Skype consultations.

Hundreds of local and interstate authors have been nurtured by Alex to achieve their book publishing dreams. She has a reputation for freely sharing her extensive knowledge of the book planning and publishing process in a down to earth style. There’s no waffle or hype – Alex lives in a jargon-free zone, and her sense of humour and laid back style make working with her like spending time with a trusted friend.

As well as working directly with authors, Alex facilitates the not for profit group Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs, where she has created a space of collaboration and learning for local business women. Alex sources experts in various areas of business and facilitates sessions where they can share their secrets with the membership of over 1500 women entrepreneurs.



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