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“Having a clear plan will drastically compress the timeframe to complete your book.
Clarifying your message, market and structure
before you begin
will save an enormous amount of time and money”



How Alex can help:

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Lisa photo“After working with Alex Mitchell to write my book, I can’t imagine how any writer could afford not to have her skilful, experienced and wise guidance. Alex has saved me countless hours of directionless work and bucket-loads of frustration. She has given me the priceless gift of having clear direction in my writing process. This has saved me from experiencing my tendency towards writer’s block. Alex is the ultimate writer’s secret weapon. I can’t thank you enough Alex!”

Lisa Fitzpatrick,


Book Strategy Session

It is important to ensure that your project is heading in the right direction, whether you are just starting to write, are already part way through your manuscript or have finished writing and are wondering where to go from here.  Let’s get together by Skype or over coffee to discuss your vision for the book and the structure and direction you have in mind.   This way you can ensure that your book meets your market, speaks in a language your readers can understand and gets your message across with passion and clarity.

Just send me your contents page, an outline of your goals for your project, who your perceived market is and what your book is about, and a sample chapter or two.

I’ll provide an informal analysis of your project and give suggestions on your writing style and layout, as well as answering any specific questions you have about your project, publishing options and business strategy.

Together we will check your vision against what you have created, and against what your market is looking for, then look for a path through those variables to create a book that meets your goals.

This service costs $300 and will save so much time and money to tweak your ideas while they are still coming together so you can create a book plan that takes you where you want to go.

For some people this consultation is enough to set off along their own path with confidence.  For others it is the starting point of an ongoing consultation process between us. Either outcome is great – my aim is simply to have you leave our meeting armed with confidence and a plan of action.


 Darryl Anne Mooney “I am so blessed to have met and worked with Alex Mitchell.  She entered my life at such an important time when my book was finished but not edited. In only one set-price consultation, Alex helped me reach my goal to publish my book. She is professional and passionate and fully committed to her author support role.  I am so grateful she helped me turn my dreams into reality.”
Darryl Anne Mooney
Author of Angelique Magnifisique
 Angelique Magnifisique



Good editing walks lightly on the page, leaving no footprints.

Paint the picture you want the world to see by having your work professionally polished. Add that extra finesse and create a reading experience that makes your customer want more!  Make sure you are meeting your target market and that your reader is really hearing your message.

As an editor I am an advocate for the reader.  My job is to see what the reader sees, to listen to your story through a reader’s ears.  After working for so long on your manuscript, you know it so well that it can be hard to see what is not there in your writing.  Editing will pick up the missing links and help you fill them in.  It will help you structure the book so that it flows in a way that takes the reader along a seamless journey of knowledge or story telling.

Your book may need Structural Editing, where we discuss how the chapters and concepts come together with a good flow and rhythm, and/or Copy Editing, where each paragraph and sentence is checked for readability. Editing is charged at a flat rate of $60 per hour.

Your needs are unique. Our pricing is competitive.

Because every job is so different, we will need to chat about your specific needs, and can give you a personalised quote. However, please know that my rates are very competitive for the high level of service I provide.

Try us out for free.

I also know how uncomfortable it is to initiate a conversation about pricing or to hire an editor before you know the quality of the work you’ll get in return. Because of that—and because it also helps me get a sense of your project and how long it will take—I offer all new clients a free short work sample. That way you can see what we do without making a financial commitment. (In other words, you are under no obligation after you see the sample. It’s simply a quick way of determining whether your needs and our skills are a good match.)



Kama Frankling - The Happy Migrant

The Happy Migrant by Kama Frankling

“I am a ‘do it myself’ person, determined to learn and accomplish everything on my own. I discovered though, while completing my book, that this is not always the best option. After I had written my book I found myself going around in circles trying to make sure everything was in the right order and that it all made sense. I finally realised that I could not do this alone and I was in great need of an editor!This was a scary prospect! I was almost paralysed with the thought of an editor ripping my work part and telling me to start again. I was terribly nervous but I need not have feared because Alex was just fabulous!Alex took me through a step by step process, so it was not as overwhelming as I had expected. Alex did point out where I could make improvements (but never my faults) and I survived. I was quick to understand that this author and editor relationship is possibly the most important part of completing a book. A book is a creation, sometimes an art. The author is the creator or artist. An editor has the job of criticising the author’s work, not an easy task when dealing with the artist persona. I truly believe that I would still be going around in circles had I not worked with Alex. She has an adorable sense of humour which just made everything so much easier. Alex helped me get my book organised so it flowed in the right order to make sense to my readers.”
Kama Frankling
Author of The Happy Migrant


“My entire business is built around producing an incredible book product, one in which is both well written and very readable and has a high quality print job- basically it needs to look and feel a million dollars. I believe everything is energy so it is important to me to work with people who truly love what they do, as this energy is also contained within the book. I am therefore extremely particular about who I work with on our book projects to achieve a great result. My books consist of 16 individual contributors each having a chapter dedicated to them. I want their voices to be heard whilst also allowing their personality and individuality to be expressed. Along with having a consistent feel across the entire book. I feel it takes a rare talent to balance both these aspects in the editorial process. Alex was brilliant in her turnaround times and met every deadline, she really understood the Q and A style and worked within that like a true professional. Love your work Alex!”
Fiona Jones
Creator and Best-selling author of The Millionaire Book series.
Fiona Jones
Business Millionaire Book Cover



Full Self Publishing Service


Publishing is a many-step process, and it can be time consuming and confusing for new authors to work out what needs to be done, which choices will best suit your outcomes, and how make it happen.

The best way to save time, money and stress in this process is to get help from someone who knows the process, and all the options, very well.  That’s me!

This process is not a mystery to me, it’s something I do all the time.  For a flat hourly rate of $125 AUD I will help you find your way through the maze of choices so you can make informed decisions about what publishing options will work for you and your vision for the book.  Just open a tab to have help on tap, as much or as little as you like.

Whether it’s occasional advice, or doing it all for you I’m here to help!

Some areas you might like a helping hand:

  • Registering your book – ISBN and CiP
  • Creating the pages in the front of the book before Chapter One
  • Plotting out the resources and bibliography at the back
  • Creating a great book cover
  • Internal book design and typesetting
  • Printing and distribution
  • Integrating your book into your online presence



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