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So you have made an active commitment to write your book. Yay! You have your head around the steps that need to be taken, and a vague idea of how long it’s all going to take.

But making it happen is a different story. Like most authors, you have a business, family, house, clients, social life and other demands on your time. It can be hard to make space in your busy schedule to keep moving forward with the book, and get it over the finish line by the date you’ve set yourself.

And honestly, now that you know just how many aspects there are to writing a book, it might be good to have someone along for the ride to offer support and advice whenever you need it.

Some authors like to meet up with me regularly as they write, either over coffee or via skype, to ensure they are staying on track with their goals and putting their book together efficiently and professionally.  Others like to email through working drafts for comments and suggestions.

Once the book is written I will guide you through editing and proofreading, plus help you create a brief for the book designer and explore publishing or printing options.

There are two coaching options for those who want to travel with a friend through the ups and downs of writing their book:

1. A totally client-directed service model, which means that how little or how much help you need is totally up to you. At a flat rate of $60 per hour, you stay in the driver’s seat, in control of the budget, workload and eventual outcome. To enquire about one-to-one support, click here.

2. Fixed fee monthly coaching, to help you budget your time and money!

To find out more about The Motivated Writer Coaching Program, email me here:

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