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From Planning to Publishing

 A series of two full day workshops for authors
Attend one or both

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Book Planning

Turn your vision into reality step by step

A full day intensive to gain clarity on your book’s direction and structure

Friday 7th October 2016
9am – 4pm

Beerwah, Sunshine Coast

Self Publishing

No hype, no upsell – a practical how-to day

Small group learning to publish your own book under expert guidance

Friday 14th October 2016
9am – 4pm

Beerwah, Sunshine Coast

 $297 per day including catering and workbook

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Book Planning Day

Suitable for non fiction authors

Writing a book can provide a point of difference in a crowded market, allowing you to share your expertise with a wider market. But taking the years of knowledge you have accumulated and turning it into a professional and well positioned book is easier said than done.

There’s an incredible diversity in books that can enhance your career, from teaching readers how to master a skill, to showcasing your knowledge in a specific area, to discussing how you found your area of expertise and developed your own systems and strategies that can work for others.

You want to share your knowledge in a professional way, finding the correct mix of information and conversation to help the reader learn and grow, and at the same time raise the profile of your business.

Structuring your book to do all these things is where my specialty lies. Allow me to guide you step by step through the process, working out what to include, what to leave out and how to pull it all together:

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  • Explore your core message
  • Get clear on your personal and business goals
  • Fit your book into your business plan for maximum impact
  • Clarify your target market
  • Explore their needs
  • Write in the voice that best suits your market
  • Create a book structure that showcases your expertise
  • Create your chapter outlines step by step

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Self Publishing Day

Suitable for all genres

You want your book to showcase you in the best possible light, to look professional and enticing. This is YOUR book, that’s why you chose to self publish! You are in complete control. But as Spiderman knows, with great power comes great responsibility.

To run a project like self publishing involves making a lot of decisions, about what will work best for your book, your budget, your skills and your business.

Once your manuscript is finished you’ll need to put together all the pages that go before chapter one, create the wording for your cover, and an outline for the cover designer, decide what kind of layout you want for your internals, choose a printing service, register your book and plenty more. Each of these steps is important – each will build the end product that your reader will see on the shelf at the bookshop.

Knowing how to find your way through the maze of choices that will create the best possible book for YOU can be a little overwhelming. Unless you have someone to help you put it all together. At this one day event, we will break down the self publishing process into manageable chunks, and walk you through the small and large decisions that will help you create YOUR book YOUR way. Every step is presented in clear, understandable terms, with no waffle or hype:

  • Your printing and publishing options – how to decide what’s best for your budget and timeframe
  • ISBN and CiP – the what, why and how of registering your book
  • Title and subtitle – saying it all in just a few words
  • The front pages – the pages before chapter one. What to include and how to put it together. Acknowledgements, dedication, title page, imprint page, foreword, preface, contents, introduction and more
  • Book design – controlling the flavour of your pages. Make informed decisions about how you’d like your layout to look so your designer can make it happen
  • Cover design – creating a compelling cover to draw your reader in – gather your ideas and wording for your graphic artist to implement
  • Letting go and launching – being ready to call it finished and get it out into the world with the fanfare you deserve

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What else do I need to know?

After each day you will go home with a personalised action plan to create your own book, with all the tools you need to make your dream a reality.

You will also receive membership to the EXCLUSIVE Self to Shelf Author Support Group on Facebook, bringing together likeminded aut

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hors for ongoing connection and support.

The workshops are held at an informal and inspiring creative space in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. The setting and small gr

oup size are ideal for personalised attention, discussion, reflection and concentration so you can take on all the resources you need. A delicious morning and afternoon tea, gourmet lunch and fresh hot coffee are included.

Each day includes:

  • Tuition, discussion and inspiration
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
  • Personalised take home action plan
  • Membership of an exclusive online author support group
  • Chocolate

$297 per day including catering and workbook


Enquiries: Alex 0434 088 742

NB: Purchase of your ticket indicates acceptance of the Terms and Conditions at

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Further information:

Author Workshop June 2013 (12)a

I wasn’t sure I had enough time to dedicate to writing and marketing my book and continue to run my business. Alex helped me to see that I already had lots of the material. The structure and process we learned today helped me understand that it’s definitely do-able! I’d recommend this workshop to anyone thinking about writing a book, no matter what stage you are at!
Megyn Carpenter,


I was looking for help with my book that was local and affordable. I needed it to be with someone who had a good track record, and Alex fit the bill. I wanted to self publish but was concerned about how much it would cost and how time consuming it would be. Alex’s course made everything easy and understandable. I found I was able to clarify my thoughts and my layout and realised it will actually be easier than I thought. Now I understand what my options are, I know I have more chance of finishing the book. Honestly, I came along to the day prepared to groan, but became secure and happy in the future of my project. The wisdom of the workshop gave me a great sense of security about the process and my ability to complete it. It all seems possible now – thanks Alex!
Carol Vejle, Coolum Beach

I attended Alex Mitchell’s workshop in 2011 and then as a refresher in 2013. When I first attended her course I didn’t have a book so I quickly wrote an introduction for a book I wanted to write that fit with a core theme in my business. Two and a bit years later my first book is written! Alex simply ‘got it’ from the beginning and guided me beautifully towards the finished copy. All her support, red pen and keen eye gave my writing exactly it needed to become a high quality product. Thank you Alex, what I spent on the process was worth every penny.
Vanessa Bushell, Coolum,

Alex, I want to say thank you so much for creating what you have with your author support workshops. It is such a safe place to open up our ideas that have most likely sat with us for a long time, and need a voice. I faced my fears and clarified why I wanted to write this book, then learned the process to actually do it. This morning words started to flow, like the tap has been turned on and a very thin stream of water is trickling out. Feeling a little tender yet quietly excited.
Kim Koroheke, Maroochydore

Thank you for helping me find clarity around how to do my book. It’s my heart’s desire to create this book but I really did not know where or how to start. The workshop has given me confidence and helped me systemise my book project. It has been huge help on so many levels, and I loved the use of examples in everyday language so I understand how to apply the techniques.
Jean Sheehan

Being on a very tight budget, my biggest consideration was applying funds in a way that would get the most benefit. I had some recommendations about Alex’s work, and then followed my intuition in deciding to attend the course. And it was awesome! The biggest breakthrough was in the session on how to build my chapters. I was able to gain a clear picture of what I wanted my book to look like and how I wanted to write it.
Nicole Lambert

If I’m investing my time in something I want to know it’s a good investment. I walked away inspired to complete my book and with the tools to collate the material I already had into something useful. The information on title elements, structure and layout will make a big difference to the book I am writing with my business partner.
Krishna Everson, Coolum,

When I saw the advert for the workshop, I was a bit concerned because I hadn’t actually written anything yet! But I looked into the material and it seemed so practical, so I decided to go ahead. After the workshop I am so much clearer on what my writing style is, and therefore what type of book I should write and who to write it for! It has taken my book from ‘something I would like to do one day’ to ‘I will write a book and I know how to do it’. I would recommend this workshop to anyone wanting practical guidance on how to publish a book.
Alison Williams, Maroochydore,

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