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Services include cheerleading, butt kicking and hand holding.

What does writing a book have in common with catching a snake?

“There’s plenty of book coaches out there but what drew me to Alex immediately was that she truly does understand what writing a book entails. How do I know? Because of her video of how tricky it is to catch a wild snake and put it in a bag. That’s exactly how it feels to write a book. It’s slippery, it’s hard, it’s awkward, it’s even dangerous!”
Lisa Fitzpatrick, author of Healing the Heart of Your Business

Lisa Fitzpatrick

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Alex Fullerton

Author Support Services is located in a beautiful regional area, but one of the downsides to this is we get a lot of snakes, and they had a taste for my chickens. My helpful neighbour was catching and bagging the snakes for me so I could relocate them,  but I knew I needed to learn the art of snake wrestling myself. I was avoiding it because I thought it would be a mysterious and technical process, but it turned out that like many things, all I had to do was understand the steps and the risks, make a plan and just do it!

Writing a book could be considered just as daunting as catching a snake, when you consider all the steps and decisions involved. In some ways it would be easier to just get someone else to do it – or not do it at all! However, there is much satisfaction when the snake is in the bag, and when the published book is in your hands.

The process of writing a book is about understanding what’s involved, deciding how much you can and want to do by yourself, and how much you would prefer someone else do for you. Writing your book doesn’t have to be a lonely journey, and my role is to help you find your way so you can achieve your writing goals rather than letting that manuscript languish forever as a good idea.

I will stand behind you and give advice or assistance whenever you need it. Services include cheerleading, butt kicking and hand holding – whatever it takes to get the snake into the bag.  You might choose regular meetings to coach and support you all the way from writing to printing, or perhaps there’s just one area in which you would like a professional, and friendly helping hand. It’s about giving you the support you want so that you are in charge of the process.

The satisfaction you will feel when your book is in print will be as exciting as getting that snake into the bag.  So get in touch and get started!

Self publishing support to bring your idea to reality – YOUR WAY