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A Bully In All Of Us

The truth about bullying

A Bully In All Of Us is for anyone who uses bullying. It helps us understand ourselves and why we bully. I should know as I have done it myself and learnt why it will never work. I openly pass on my knowledge so we can gain insights to learn what real power is and start a resolution to stop bullying and make this world a better place.

This book is for adults and children alike. It is about realisation, understanding and mending the pain caused by bullying. It’s time to stop blaming and punishing the bully, which only keeps bullying alive and hasn’t worked so far. It’s time for a new approach which engages the person who uses bullying to make the change in a non-judgemental way.

Throughout the world, in every community, school, workplace, sporting event, and in family homes, bullying has and continues to be a problem. Unfortunately, bullying will always happen while people who use bullying hide from the truth. My hope is that we can adopt a new approach where the bully can learn from their mistakes and create the real change that keeps people safe.

Ryan Jackson

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