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A Dangerous Pursuit of Happiness

A female pro surfer’s terrifying memoir of surviving abduction in India

Carmen never felt like she fit in. Even as a very young child, she was certain there was more going on than met her eye. She was always searching for something more, something deeper. Her quest led her from a difficult childhood into a world of external fame, fortune and adventure as a world-class pro surfer. However, riding the ecstatic waves of professional surfing only hid her inner pain; it didn’t stop the bouts of crushing despair. Carmen started to explore self-development and then took a deeper dive into spirituality at the age of 21.

Her pursuit took her to India to study with the Dalai Lama, but in her innocence she was abducted, stripped of her money and passport, held captive, repeatedly raped and extorted for two long months. After a dramatic rescue, Carmen made her way back home to Australia and began the long journey to healing, self-worth and forgiveness. What she discovered is profound.

Carmen Greentree

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