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A Real Woman’s Guide to a Fabulous Body

We lost weight and you can too

Want to lose weight without dieting or exercising for hours each day? You can, and it’s simple…

The stories of these inspiring women show the everyday woman that with easy steps, they too, can lose the weight by eating normally and exercising smarter, not harder. Julie Regan, a nutritionist and personal trainer, tells the stories of real women, who have overcome everyday obstacles to achieve the body of their dreams. She follows it up with the “how to” for the reader, which offers immediate improvements, and permanent weight loss. Doing thing easier, not harder forms the backbone of this book. Julie has been ‘there’ herself. After spending two months in a wheelchair after her second child, she transformed herself from an overweight mum of two children to a fit, toned and healthy role model. She has helped countless women get their weight and health in top condition. Now, in this landmark book, she’s combined all the simple secrets that work to give you REAL results.

In this book you will learn how to…
• free yourself from dieting
• fit healthy eating into your life every day
• eat to lose weight
• stock your kitchen and prepare for a healthy week
• make SIMPLE healthy, tasty meals for you and your family
• love exercise and work out less for better results
• remove, once and for all, any obstacles standing between you and the body you want.

These everyday women prove you don’t have to give up everything you love to achieve fabulous results.

Julie Regan

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