Alex Fullerton

Author’s Consultant

Hi, I’m Alex Fullerton. I am a guide on your writing journey, always there to unravel ideas, answer questions, provide options and move you quickly and efficiently to the day when you hold your book in your hands.

When I started Author Support Services 16 years ago I was a single mum without a support network. After 20 years in admin, with a gift for helping businesses make their writing accessible and understandable, the decision to move into editing was easy. As a born nurturer (I now have seven children in a blended family), my goal was to help others shine their brightest. Client demand quickly saw the business grow into a full book coaching and self publishing service with a team of specialists to ensure every step in the publishing journey is covered.

If you would like to read more about my story of my unconventional life, my experiences in the Boxing Day tsunami with my children, and my journey back into life and business click on the Profile Magazine cover, as they did a wonderful job with their cover story on me.

Alongside the business I also built a not-for-profit group, the Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs, with a membership of around 2500 women who benefitted from regular meetings and training in a variety of business skills. Mentoring women in startups has informed my work in publishing and helped me understand the diverse needs of readers and business women.

But change is good for the soul. After taking my business where I could on my own, culminating in being a finalist in the Business Woman of the Year awards in 2015, my husband and I were involved in a bad road accident. You can click on the Muse magazine cover to read that article. I have now been forced to rest, and have finally embraced the opportunity to truly work in a team environment.

These days I have a consultant role in the business, caring for each client one to one through the process, making sure you get the support you need to stay in the driver’s seat through each step of publishing.

I need to make my business efficient so it fits into the time and energy I have available. Just like me, as a small business person, you need to make sure that every dollar and every hour you spend is worthwhile.

You believe in what you are doing and want to make a difference in the world, but you must balance this with being professional and successful.

If you’ve got a book cooking inside you that needs a little nurturing to get it over the line, consider the support of someone who spends every day bringing books to life. Contact me today to book a powerful strategy session, just you and me, to fine-tune your project and share your own ideas and inspiration.

Tanja Gardner


Tanja Gardner has been a professional word-nerd for over 15 years. Today, as a ghostwriter, structural editor and copy editor, she loves helping authors who want to make a difference with their books to clearly communicate their core messages. Tanja has worked on over 35 books, both fiction and non-fiction, on topics that range from investment to engineering, software to spirituality, and human resources to hormone balance.

Tamara Protassow (she/her)

Developmental Editor

Tamara Protassow is a non-fiction writing coach and editor who specialises in developing and editing non-fiction books with visionary women.

Tamara has developed and edited books with over 50 authors, including Denise Duffield Thomas, Leonie Dawson and Lisa Lister, and has edited both freelance for self-published authors as well as for Hay House UK. 

Her favourite moment is when an author sees their book as real in their mind for the first time and believes that they can actually write it into existence, knowing it will go on to help their reader. 

Tamara lives in the hills outside of Melbourne, Australia with her husband, two teenagers, dog, cat and six chickens.

Joanna Yardley


Joanna has been editing non-fiction books for 10+ years. She has a natural sense for structure and refining content for immense reader engagement. She is also an experienced copyeditor and is highly skilled in grammar and punctuation conventions.
As an editor with a passion for building relationships, Joanna prides herself on her reputation for creating lasting connections with authors. She values the strength of her interpersonal and communication skills and uses these talents to maintain the confidence and trust of others.

Natasha Higgins

Admin Support, Copy Editor and Proofreader

Natasha is a professional copy editor and proofreader who enjoys working on a wide range of topics, including health and wellness, selfhelp, parenting and travel. Working closely with authors to refine and polish their writing, Natasha believes great teamwork brings great results.

Natasha was previously editor of Kids on the Coast and Kids in the City parenting and lifestyle magazines in South East Queensland and has also completed a Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing. She loves life with her family in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, having spent her childhood in Central Queensland and her early adult years living in the UK and travelling the world.

Sylvie Blair

Book Designer

Sylvie has worked in the book trade, newspaper and advertising industry for over 20 years. Her expertise in creating beautifully designed books has been her passion and never are two books the same. Her role in guiding authors and providing them with a positive experience is what keeps authors coming back to work with her multiple times. Authors adore her work and she exceeds their expectation of how their book will look. Sylvie is a pro with using Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop tools and will always ensure a smooth process from mock-up ideas to completion of the book design.

Zonya Bird

Book Designer

Zonya Bird has over 35 years of experience as a graphic designer and is experienced in using Adobe Indesign, Photoshop and Illustrator programs, producing creative design solutions for our author’s needs.

She is based on the Sunshine Coast now but started out in the UK studying General Vocational Design covering interior design, fine art, photography, 3D design, art history and graphic design. Zonya specialised with a Higher Diploma in Graphics where she flourished with the creativity, attention to detail and organisation she brings to client projects today.

Neasa Nic Dhómhnaill

Fiction Writing Coach

Neasa is a published author in both non-fiction and speculative fiction with a Masters of Arts degree in Creative Practice, specialising in creative writing, at IT Sligo, Ireland. Her first book Don’t Tell Me to Get Over It, a non-fiction work written during her previous life as a psychologist, is published through Author Support Services. 

Neasa’s expertise is in teaching fiction writing technique, including plot structure, character development and creative prose. Her passion is to inspire emerging writers to connect to their inner creative voice and help them to express themselves through the written word. Through these technical skills and connection to creativity, Neasa helps authors achieve writing goals they have always dreamt of. 

Kym Campradt


Kym Campradt has been a freelance proofreader of non-fiction books for over eight years. She has an exceptional eye for detail and loves to help authors polish their work by correcting any typos, spelling and grammar errors, and inconsistencies. 

Kym has had overwhelming positive feedback regarding her perceptiveness and first-class attention to detail from well-known and reputable authors and publishers.

With a professional background in health, Kym particularly enjoys proofreading books about health and wellness, self-help and parenting.

Krishna Everson

Marketing Consultant

Krishna Everson is a published writer and magazine columnist and has shared her knowledge for leveraging the written word to reach more people since 2008. Her career began during the heyday of newspaper advertising in the early 80s before expanding into digital media, website design and publicity.

Her specific skillset includes article writing, WordPress, Mailchimp and writing for SEO to help maximise your reach to prospective readers and new clients. Krishna will make sure your keywords, blog, website content and press releases are taken care of through our variety of author support marketing packages.

Honey Randall


Honey is a Queensland girl through and through, and has tried living in a few locations around the Sunshine State. She enjoys drawing and writing, and works mostly digitally with the occasional piece using traditional pencils and pens. ‘Happy day out on the Sunshine coast’ is Honey’s first children’s book and she plans on becoming a full time illustrator.

Aliah Lennox


Aliah is a published illustrator and high school English teacher from SE Queensland. She believes that fostering a journey of creativity, discovery and expression is the role of a lifetime. Her goal lies in inspiring people to love reading and find their own inner artist.

Jessie Gore


Jessie is an illustrator and artist living and working in Melbourne where her works have been published in both print and online. She works mainly with pencils, watercolour and inks and loves creating loveable characters and dreamy whimsical scenes.