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Attitude, Abundance & Action
How to create motivation, mindset and magic around money

Were you raised with an understanding about money? Not many of us were. Do you feel that whatever you seem to do, you can’t get ahead? Or that all you do is work, work, work without having a clear goal?

In Attitude, Abundance & Action, well-loved and highly experienced financial planner Kath Orman exposes the secret: it’s not all about the money! Kath offers strategies, exercises and a wealth of information to put you more in charge of your financial situation – and your life.

“Money mindset impacts almost every aspect of your life. Kath Orman draws on her experience and success as a financial adviser and lifestyle coach to gently guide you through discovering your money mindset and provide practical and proven strategies.”

David Penglase — Behavioural scientist and author of Living in the Light of Day

In this book, Kath gives you the tools to make the changes you need to in your life:

  • Attitude – realise how your thoughts and preconceived ideas are holding you back.
  • Abundance – understand what abundance means to you and how to attract more of it.
  • Action – increase your knowledge and awareness about money and take the steps to make the changes you need.

Kath Orman

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Kath Orman

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