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Balance Amongst the Chaos: The Daily Journal

The ultimate tool for manifestation, Balance Amongst the Chaos: The Daily Journal is a staple for anyone who has a laundry list of responsibilities and is dedicated to creating a happy, balanced life. The utilization of this journal teaches how to implement various manifestation techniques and utilize universal energy always available for you. Perfect for the working mother, business owner and college student — anyone who has an overwhelming list of things to do and committed to maintaining their mental and emotional wellbeing. 

This journal makes manifestation techniques easy to understand so they can be seamlessly implemented into your daily routine. Acting as a guide to navigating your busiest days, professional projects, and major life events — you will notice your intentions coming to fruition and your desires unfolding right before your eyes. Offering a personal space to organize daily tasks, set intentions, create affirmations and reflect on one’s progress, this journal is a key element in self-mastery and will become your most valued possession.

Sarah Iaccarino

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