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Balance Amongst the Chaos

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Wellbeing Through the Chakras

A Digestible Approach to the Chakras for the Busy Bees

A realistic approach to an alternative lifestyle, offering genuine insights into how we can make small changes to our routine leading to substantial benefits, both physically and mentally. This book is easy to understand and has been written for the individual seeking a healthy, balanced lifestyle and unsure where to begin. Attracting both masculine and feminine energies, Balance Amongst the Chaos provides simple and practical approaches to understanding and caring for the energy centers embedded in the human body. 

The book is a guide for the modern-day citizen caught up in a fast-paced society and looking for answers they have not yet found. It is meant to be re-read and repeatedly referenced for the rest of your life. It’s filled with a myriad of tips on improving your wellbeing and optimizing your energy levels. After reading and implementing these recommendations, you will begin to notice yourself excelling in all facets of life.

Sarah Iaccarino

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