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Is It Practice or Practise?

One of the words that constantly trips writers up for spelling is practice. Or is that practise? In the USA there is only one spelling – practice. In Australian and British spelling we have two words: practice is the noun and practise is the verb. Confused? We are still practising! Read more on this tricky word…

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Reviews and Testimonials for Your Non-fiction Book

You’ll often see reviews and testimonials on the front page of a book or even on the cover. How do you gather them before your book is printed? And what about the book reviews online? Find out how it’s done here…

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The Two ‘Whys’ of Writing a Book in Your Business

When it comes to writing a book in your business, the why is two-fold. There’s your personal why and your business why. Let’s explore how they work.

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The Real Story of Building a Successful Business

In this warts and all interview with Cas McCullough, we chat about what it’s like to create a business from scratch and make it successful. This is real-life stuff, not ‘polished for socials’. It’s a few years old, back when I had a different surname. Cas wrote a wonderful book …

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Two Powerful Questions to Kickstart Your Book Writing Project

Keen to write a book but not sure where to start? Or perhaps you’ve already started to write but ended up side-tracked and confused? Here are two powerful questions to kickstart your book writing project and get you on track quickly and easily.

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Making Time to Write – plus 7 things to do when words don’t flow

Aspiring authors often tell me that the biggest hurdle they have to overcome is making time to write. Here are 3 things to consider and 7 things to do when your words won’t flow.

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Why a Book Coach May Be a Good Fit for You

Some of the best books in the world are already there, pretty much fully formed, inside the author’s head. And there they stay, keeping you up at night while you think of more fabulous ways to explain your concept, rewriting it all inside your head.  Or you may have typed …

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Printing with Different Cover Options

You want a beautiful embellished cover for your book, and you also want the great print price and distribution that come with Print on Demand printing. To get the best of both worlds, we can use a combination of printers and get some great results for you. Read how…

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Why You Should Add a Contents Page As You Write  

The Contents Page is often undervalued as a place to connect with your reader, however, it is definitely worth creating a Contents Page during writing for a few reasons.

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