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Printing with Different Cover Options

You want a beautiful embellished cover for your book, and you also want the great print price and distribution that come with Print on Demand printing. To get the best of both worlds, we can use a combination of printers and get some great results for you. Read how…

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Why You Should Add a Contents Page As You Write  

The Contents Page is often undervalued as a place to connect with your reader, however, it is definitely worth creating a Contents Page during writing for a few reasons.

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How to Review Edits in ‘Track Changes’ From Your Editor

One of the wonderful things about self publishing is that you are in control of the process. And that includes editing. When your manuscript arrives back from your editor covered in Track Changes marks – and you’ve recovered from the delight/shock/overwhelm of all the changes and suggestions – the next step is to review the changes and work out what you want to keep. This brief guide will help you work through those changes step by step.

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How to Include Famous Quotes in Your Book

Putting quotes from famous people in your book or on your website is a wonderful way to capture the feel of your writing in a few words and set the tone for what is to come. Learn when to quote and how to do it well.

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Should I Print in Premium Colour?

When printing (we print with IngramSpark, however this applies to most printers), many authors are unsure whether to use Standard CMYK colour or pay extra for the Premium colour printing option.

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Stocking Your Book with Independent Stores

Now your book has gone to print and you have taken a breath, it’s the perfect time to look at how you, the publisher, can ensure your book is available in the places your reader likes to visit.

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Marketing Your Indie Book

It can be overwhelming working out where to start when marketing your book, and maybe even more so during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Our latest blog gives some great ideas for getting your book out there NOW, while all of us are inside. Let’s make it happen!

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Creating a Companion Course for Your Book

Books are great, don’t get me wrong (I have to say that on a book writing website), but what comes next?

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Sales Page in a Non-fiction Book

“A sales page?!” I hear you shout. “How dare you! I can’t force sales on my reader! What a terrible thought! I am a decent person! I am a writer!” Before you hang me out to dry with the solar panel salesperson who called last week, hear me out.

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