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6 Tips for Writing Children’s Books

It’s common to think how easy it must be to write children’s books, dreaming of a shiny pile of colourful book covers, hoping that your children’s book is the one that parents roll their eyes at because their children ask for it again and again and again!

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How Do I Get a Foreword for My Book?

Authors often ask me how to get that magic piece of writing at the beginning of the book.

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Library Lending Rights

Did you know that the Australian library system can pay you a small ‘royalty’ for books held in a library?

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How to List Your Book on Library Databases

Did you know that the Cataloguing in Publication service (CiP) has been changed? It’s now called the Prepublication Data Service (PDS).

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8 Tips for Writing a Cookbook

Some of the best books in the world are there, pretty much fully formed, inside the author’s head. And there they stay, keeping you up at night while you think of more fabulous ways to explain your concept, rewriting it all inside your head.

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Inside Your Introduction

The introduction may appear at the start of your book, but don’t get caught up trying to perfect it before you write the rest of the manuscript.

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An Epic Cure for Writer’s Block – guest post by Lisa Fitzpatrick

In writing her book Healing the Heart of Your Business, Lisa Fitzpatrick has had to push through a serious bout of writer’s block, a chronic case of not good enough and recurring rounds of it’s impossible to finish.

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The Self-Publishing Rabbit Hole: lessons learned in book-writing Wonderland – guest post by Cas McCullough

This post was written by my delightful, driven and deeply committed client Cas McCullough and was originally published on

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Grab Your Book’s Moment in the Sun with Media Opportunities

The time around your book launch is critical. It’s the easiest time to get media, even though you are probably at your most exhausted.

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