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Networking – Can You Learn to Love It?

You are doing work you truly believe in, writing books and changing the world. There’s only one catch.

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The Hurdles Real People Climb to Write Their Books – guest post by Katrina Murray

Katrina Murray has experienced the reality of the book writing journey.

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Why Book Coaching?

Sitting here with a fresh coffee and a hot croissant, I remember how blessed I am.

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Africa – from the mouths of babes

I was going to write something about the amazingly incredible time my family spent in East Africa over the summer holidays, but there was so much to say I didn’t know where to start (yes, writer’s block happens to editors too!).

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Work/Life Balance – learning not to work so hard at it

This year I’ve committed to practising work/life balance.

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Am I Expert Enough to Write a Book?

Sometimes we tell ourselves we’re not good enough and more often than not, we believe it.

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