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An Epic Cure for Writer’s Block – guest post by Lisa Fitzpatrick

In writing her book Healing the Heart of Your Business, Lisa Fitzpatrick has had to push through a serious bout of writer’s block, a chronic case of not good enough and recurring rounds of it’s impossible to finish.

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The Self-Publishing Rabbit Hole: lessons learned in book-writing Wonderland – guest post by Cas McCullough

This post was written by my delightful, driven and deeply committed client Cas McCullough and was originally published on

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Grab Your Book’s Moment in the Sun with Media Opportunities

The time around your book launch is critical. It’s the easiest time to get media, even though you are probably at your most exhausted.

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Networking – Can You Learn to Love It?

You are doing work you truly believe in, writing books and changing the world. There’s only one catch.

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The Hurdles Real People Climb to Write Their Books – guest post by Katrina Murray

Katrina Murray has experienced the reality of the book writing journey.

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Why Book Coaching?

Sitting here with a fresh coffee and a hot croissant, I remember how blessed I am.

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Africa – from the mouths of babes

I was going to write something about the amazingly incredible time my family spent in East Africa over the summer holidays, but there was so much to say I didn’t know where to start (yes, writer’s block happens to editors too!).

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Work/Life Balance – learning not to work so hard at it

This year I’ve committed to practising work/life balance.

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Am I Expert Enough to Write a Book?

Sometimes we tell ourselves we’re not good enough and more often than not, we believe it.

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