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Book Strategy Service

Know you’ve got a great book idea and are keen to become a published author? Keen to explore and develop your book concept, your goals, your writing style and ultimately the market your book can reach? Whether you’re just starting to write, are already partway through your manuscript or have finished writing and wondering where to go from here, this is the service for you.

Right now, you’ve got lots of ideas but not a concrete plan. You know you’ve got something important to say, but you may not be sure on the best way to structure it. You probably don’t know much about the world of publishing, but you’re keen to see your words in print. Right now, you’ve got more questions than answers, and you’re looking for an experienced guide who can help you take the right steps at the right time, set you in the right direction so that you avoid costly and time consuming mistakes, and support you in turning your vision into reality.

And that’s what the strategy service provides to you. In this comprehensive service, you will be gain clarity, specific how-to action steps, and a clear vision for your book to take you through all the many stages of the writing, editing and publishing journey.

The Strategy Service comes in three key parts:

Before we meet

You’ll send me some information about your book idea so I can see where you are now and where you want to go.

A Zoom or face-to-face meeting

An intensive and thorough session, we will explore your book concept (whether you’re just starting to write, are already partway through your manuscript or have finished writing and wondering where to go from here) and mobilise your book project. At the end of this process, you’ll have a concrete and actionable plan of your immediate next steps, and an inspiring vision to keep you motivated and grounded as your book progresses.

Follow up action steps

Once we’ve met you’ll have a clear direction forward. Together we will devise a plan for your project and a path to get there. You will have answers to your most pressing questions about your project, publishing options and business strategy.

Cost for this comprehensive one on one support to review your book project is only  

$300 inc GST

Make a plan today to get your book out of yourself and onto the bookshelf!

At the end of the Strategy Service, you’ll have a clear idea of where your book needs to go, and invaluable input on how your vision lines up with what you’ve created so far. You’ll be more confident that your book meets your market, speaks in a language your readers can understand, and gets your message across with passion and clarity.
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