Stocking Your Book with Independent Stores

Now your book has gone to print and you have taken a breath, it’s the perfect time to look at how you, the publisher, can ensure your book is available in the places your reader likes to visit.

Sales Page in a Non-fiction Book

“A sales page?!” I hear you shout. “How dare you! I can’t force sales on my reader! What a terrible thought! I am a decent person! I am a writer!” Before you hang me out to dry with the solar panel salesperson who called last week, hear me out.

Bigger Is Not Always Better; Better Is Better

As my business has changed and I have had time away from doing and more time being, I have found time to reflect on whether to grow bigger or to focus more on being the best at what we do. This month on the blog I’ve been musing on the meaning of success…

Why Book Coaching?

Sitting here with a fresh coffee and a hot croissant, I remember how blessed I am.