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Choose the Perfect Christmas Gift from Our Book Catalogue

20 BOOKS FOR 2020

It’s that time of year again, time for gift giving and shopping for your goodies. Are you ready?

You need time to make sure your gifts are thoughtful, meaningful and give pleasure to the person unwrapping them on Christmas day. But we all know how hard it is to find time when keeping a good work/life balance. This year I wanted to make it a little easier by sharing my top 20 books for 2020.
I love books and my entire career has focused on my love of words and sharing stories. Even with that knowledge, it can be so hard to choose the right gift and if you are like me, you want to match the gift to the recipient perfectly. You want to show how much you understand and appreciate the person you are buying for.

Most of all, you really want to show them how much you care.

Start with these three simple steps to choose the perfect book for your loved one, beginning with what you know they love and branching out from there.

  • Step One – Who are they? Think about their age, their hobbies and interests. Listen to what they share with you about their weekend. Is it a great love of exploring family history? A cooking triumph? An organisational success involving a massive decluttering session? What makes them tick?
  • Step Two – Ask yourself why they read. Do they read to relax, or do they love to learn new skills? Are you buying them a tool to discover new life hack strategies, or would they prefer something uplifting to read relaxing by the pool while they escape their desk for a while? Understand why they read a book to help you find the right fit and message.
  • Step Three – Seek recommendations. Look through bookstore displays, research online and ask your friends and family about their favourites. Read fabulous articles like the one you are reading now, which has links direct to the author’s website to purchase online. No queues, no parking issues so you can smuggle them from the post box to your secret hiding spot without anybody sneaking a peek.

So now you know who you are buying for and why they read books, we have a list of recommended books ready for you right now. Choose the book that fits your Christmas wish list the best.


Here’s my list of TOP 20 Author Support Services books to fill any Christmas stocking! Each book link goes direct to the author’s website so your money goes straight to these hard-working indy authors.


These books will uplift your heart and remind you how blessed your life is. The perfect gift for a friend who needs a little loving after a wild year.

Terminally Fabulous by Geraldine and Lisa Magill

Surviving the Devil by Melanie Survivor

Stories of Hope by Kerrie Atherton

The Power of a Peaceful Woman by Jennifer Forster


These books are perfect for the little people in your life. Let their minds run free and their imaginations run wild! Each book is illustrated by the author or one of our amazing in-house illustrating artists.

Wacko Jacko’s Super Wacky Birthday by Diane Goodchild

Happy Day Out in the Outback by Megan Carige

Pete’s Surprise by Deanne Temple Buy the book here

Kei’s Legend of the Rainbow by Keith Louie   Purchase here


These books are a beautiful, gentle reminder to take good care of yourself at this time of year and start 2020 healthy and happy.

In the Raw by Anne Clark

Coming Together by Annette Baulch and Graeme Sudholz

Grief, Grace and Gratitude by Lara Casanova

The Happy Mind Movement by Tracey Carmichael


Perfect for the business-focused readers who like to reflect, refresh and refocus over the holidays. Time to sharpen the mind and prepare for a prosperous 2020 ahead!

Chinese Medicine Business Success by Brigitte Linder

Wow… I’m in Business! By Sarah Stein

Healing the Heart of Your Business by Lisa Fitzpatrick

Property in Stilettos by Kavitha Vipulananda


Open up your heart to the creative flow of poetry. If your reader needs a little peace, understanding and graceful space in their life, these books are the perfect choice.

Pushing Shadows by Julie Hyndman

Emotive by Chez Ann

A Stroke of Poetry by Shelagh Brennand

The Jeweller’s Daughter by Lina Jabbir    Purchase here

Now you are ready! Remember to pop the kettle on as you begin your online shopping and you can have your book buying all wrapped up fast with a cup of tea by your side. No queues, no parking battles and a lot more time to enjoy. Have a wonderful, safe and happy Christmas and see you in 2020!

Alex Fullerton is an author’s consultant and self-publishing specialist at Author Support Services, based on a pineapple farm in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Australia. She has spent the last sixteen years working with business people to create concise, compelling, and comprehensive books that complement their businesses and increase their professional standing. Alex is supported by a dedicated team who provide a full self-publishing service, from planning to printing and promotion.

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