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Copy Editing

Copy edit 2 run throughs – text is edited word-by-word and line-by-line to improve sentence structure, ensure consistent tone and voice, and address any gaps or repetitions. Only available on manuscripts which have already undergone structural edit. When the manuscript moves between you a quick call with your editor will be arranged to discuss anything you want clarified so the process is as smooth and clear as possible.

Your book will receive two runs through in the copy editing stage. You will be involved all the way, with check-in calls, emails and feedback.  

Editing is done using Word’s Track Changes function, and your chapters will be shared via a Dropbox that your editor will share with you.

Round one:

The first round of edits will be the most intense, where you may be asked to clarify details or supply any missing information. When you receive each chapter back with the edits, you have the opportunity to go through everything and ensure you are happy with the editor’s direction, then accept or delete each change. You can discuss any areas you want to clarify during regular check-in calls with your editor.

Round two:

Following the author’s review of changes recommended by the editor, the editor checks the work and makes any final tweaks to the manuscript. It is then returned to the author to review and the manuscript is prepared for proofreading.

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Text is edited word-by-word and line-by-line to review and address the following:




Word choice

Basic sentence structure

Inconsistencies and repetition

Deletion of redundant text 

Typographical errors


Tone and voice

Format of titles (hierarchy of style, capitalisation etc)

Format of references

Format consistency (capitalisation, font usage, numerals, hyphenation, bullet points) 

Ensure consistency, cohesiveness and completeness 

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Copy editing costs 6.5¢ per word

I offer a free consultation to help you get clear on what’s involved and help you understand why copy editing is such an important part of your author journey.
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