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Emotionally Happy Homes

Transform, Understand and Manage Your Emotional Stress

Do you ache to feel happier within yourself and more connected to the people in your home? Maybe you feel okay, but you wish you had a stronger sense of emotional awareness, steadiness and wellness. This book takes you beyond feeling just okay with your emotions. It empowers you to see your emotional body as a valuable strength and an abundant gift in your life. Together, you and I will explore new ways to listen to your emotions and follow your heart.

You will learn:

  • How to practice emotional hygiene so you can transform your life with the inner peace that comes from being emotionally healthy
  • What emotions are, including the ability to understand and hear the messages they have for you
  • How to stop reacting to unwanted situations and instead manage your emotions and respond with awareness.

For over two decades, Jules O’Neill has created profound results for clients of her Women’s Wisdom® and Body Consciousness® programs, designed to relieve emotional stress and create a life of freedom. She is a speaker and therapist empowering clients to address issues in themselves and their homes

Jules O’Neill

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