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Fiction Coaching and Editing

Manuscript assessmentAn assessment of the overall structure, content and style of your manuscript. It will assess the positive and negative aspects of your work, and where you could improve your manuscript’s story arc, flow and other aspects. You will meet with your assessor in a Zoom consultation before the assessment. The assessor will then undertake a single round of review of your manuscript followed by a detailed written report including inline notes in the manuscript.


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Manuscript developmental coaching packageA structured series of one-to-one coaching sessions and written work on your manuscript to bring out its very best. You will work through ten modules on character development, story structure and scene breakdown.

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Fiction writing coaching packageA powerful six-week fiction writing coaching package. These one-to-one sessions with your writing coach are tailored to your personal fiction writing goals, including plot structure, character development and creative prose. Bring your creative dreams to life as you work on your technical skills and unleash your creative ideas!

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