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Force Field

In Force Field, Gavin Samin shares his formula for personal success gathered from over three decades as a high-performance business coach, leadership mentor and martial arts instructor. The fusion of his unique ideas and skill sets can be applied to everyday life and by anybody who seeks to achieve at a high level.

“The Force field is a protective aura that emanates outwards into our immediate environment. Our level of success in any endeavour is dependent on how the energy flowing out of us stands up to the external forces pushing back. Force Field is a personal management strategy, providing us with the wisdom, skills, vigilance, and practices to toughen our mindset and unleash our fighting spirit.”
– Gavin Samin

Our force field is comprised of: 

→ The WISDOM we accumulate 

→ The WEAPONS we assemble 

→ The WARNINGS we heed 

→ The WAYS we practise 

We cannot wait for the outside world to accommodate our wishes. To reach our maximum potential, we must reclaim our intellectual autonomy, harden our resolve, and mobilise our full arsenal of unearthed capabilities. 

The practical techniques and thoughtful guidance offered in Force Field will supercharge your progress in any field, urging you to:


Gavin Samin

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