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Francis Goes to Iceland

After surviving several mishaps in South America, Francis and his new friends eventually made it home to a contented life. 

A surprise letter arrives, inviting Mike, Sasha and Francis to the opening of a new racecourse in Iceland. 

They accept the invitation with some of the friends accompanying Francis. As in their previous trips, this one is filled with much amusement in transit, finally arriving safely in Iceland. 

Once again, Francis is absent from the opening ceremony because his friends get lost in the unforgiving land of survival and adventure. As they struggle to keep warm, things take a turn for the worse, and they find themselves in the company of monkeys, polar bears, seals and huskies. Blizzards, frozen waters, an abundance of snow and ice, and an eruption from an active volcano add to their woes. 

Being so close to the North Pole, Francis can’t wait to become acquainted with a famous person: Santa Claus. The friends take up skiing and ice skating with a difference, and are faced with constant but humorous challenges in the ice. 

Do they make it home or are they frozen in time? 

Sonia B McNulty

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