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Francis Goes to India

After escaping the freezing cold, blizzards and surprising events in Iceland, the friends return home safely, minus one obnoxious, annoying member of their group: Fredrick. Enjoying their relaxed life in Australia, the friends retire from future engagements with Francis until another letter arrives inviting Francis to India.

The friends secretly accompany Francis for support, adding more fun and frolic as they travel through the air. Upon landing, Francis is driven to the famous Mumbai Racecourse, but his friends take it upon themselves to sightsee after meeting an old friend, putting Francis and Tom in deep trouble again.

The excitement through India makes for an unbelievable experience when becoming involved with a Bollywood film and a questionable figure. They embark on journeys to the jungle where they encounter wild ferocious beasts that find them appetising.

Crossing waters with elephants, borrowing cars to escape, dressing up to disguise themselves through markets and villages to visit the Taj Mahal, and experiencing an unforgettable time as they visit the River Ganges, where some of the friends are captured for sacrifice; only managing to escape to be confronted by police as they are chased on their way to the airport. Do they make it home to Australia or are they stuck in India?

Sonia B McNulty

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