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Francis Goes to South America

If you have read the story of Francis the Horse That Is and Francis Goes to Europe, you will know that Francis has become the world’s most famous horse with two legs; not only because of his disability and inspiration, but also because of the delightful, unbelievable, mischievous, unforgiving, humorous and outrageous behaviour from his loyal and trustworthy friends. 

In Francis Goes to South America the racing fraternity has invited Francis and his friends to visit South America: however the friends must not misbehave. 

Shortly after arriving in South America they become separated from Sasha, Mike and Ray, and again questions are raised about the odd assortment of friends causing mayhem and ending up in unpredictable places, such as: a huge field of cheering spectators, where Francis unknowingly arrives at a very important soccer match with famous players like David Peckham, Larry Kewell, Kim Cahill, and Lucas O’ Beal. After making headlines again, they are chased into dangerous places where they are confronted with wild and mysterious animals, in the deepest and darkest jungles of the Amazon. 

Fredrick becomes a hero after escaping from a pool of piranhas and a cooking pot, after getting lost, thanks to two new South American friends that consequently change Fredrick’s body image. Baaabra meets her idol Ricky Larkin when she enters a singing contest, and later becomes the first sheep to pilot a plane. Read on for more hilarious adventures…

Sonia B McNulty

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