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Francis the Horse That Is

As his friendships grew ever stronger day by day, Francis felt the weight of his secret burning inside him. Finally, he knew he had to make an announcement. The time had come to share the secret he had kept from them for months.

Meet Francis, a horse with a curious affliction. Join him as he and his unlikely band of Australian friends embark on a journey together that will change Francis’s life.

Francis’s birth is long anticipated by his elite racing thoroughbred parents and the wider racing community; but when he is born with a serious abnormality, he is abandoned. Francis is kept alive and cared for in secret in an old wooden barn on a remote farm, where he meets Tom, a bounding border collie, a huge python and mice (who are the best of friends) and whose friendship and unwavering support gives Francis the confidence to stand and follow his dream. 

With plenty of fun times, sad and silly moments with a decidedly Australian flavour; the story of Francis and his friends make great reading for all ages, and teaches us all about what we can achieve if we try hard enough.

Sonia B McNulty

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