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Ghost writing step by step process

Provide source material such as a rough draft, notes, a course you deliver or interviews (written or verbal) you have done.
Meet your writer on Zoom for an initial planning session to discuss your goals for your book and prepare a structure and chapter outline.
Work with your writer throughout the process with an interview call for each chapter. Before each meeting, respond to questions from your writer in preparation.
Your writer will prepare the first few chapters for discussion so you can make sure your book is heading in the right direction. You’ll meet over Zoom to review the chapters.
Taking your feedback into account, your writer will continue writing.
Receive a first draft of the full manuscript.
Meet with your writer over Zoom to discuss the manuscript. Your writer will tweak the manuscript based on your feedback.
Receive a professionally written, polished second draft of your manuscript ready for copy editing and publishing. Yes, we can manage these steps for you too!
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Indicative quote:
$135 per hour for ad hoc projects
Packages ranging from $6,999 for a 20,000 word book to $24,499 for a 70,000 word book
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