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Grief, Grace and Gratitude

Transforming through your grief journey

Grief is an opportunity to open your heart!

A beautiful love story, yours and the author’s, walking together on the journey through Grief, Grace and Gratitude.

Allow Lara to accompany you to the epicentre of your pain and walk you safely out the other side to the love that awaits you. She teaches you how to transform yourself and find love, truth and purpose through the gifts and lessons of grief.

Opening yourself to an understanding of grief will open your heart to heal. Opening your heart to heal ultimately opens your heart to love again. Walk through the stages of grief and return home to your true nature with a zealous desire to live and rich and full life in your loved one’s honour.

Love – Truth – Purpose

  • Grief – Trek through the raw grief, surrendering to the twists and turns of the grief journey, taking you straight to the love in your heart
  • Grace – Nurture yourself, prioritise your wants and needs, grow your self-love, follow your yearnings and unearth your truth
  • Gratitude – Reap the rewards of your grief journey and shine in the gratitude of your loved one’s life, enjoying the freedom to walk towards your life’s purpose.

Lara Casanova

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