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Happy Mind Formula

Your action plan to mental and physical wellbeing

Do you feel flat, stuck in a rut, struggling with life day in, day out?

Discover how to break the cycle of anxiety, mild to moderate depression, mood swings and low self esteem.

Happy Mind Formula delivers simple practical strategies to help you live a happy, healthy and positive life.


  • How to find inner peace daily
  • How food intolerances, alcohol and sugar affect the mind
  • How to prepare food that will balance your body and brain chemistry
  • How to identify if you are a victim of learned behaviour
  • How to set boundaries with people so you control your own life
  • How to improve your self esteem
  • How to change negative though and behavioural patterns
  • How to use exercise to change your mood in minutes
  • How to get off the roller coaster of life and ‘just be’.

Tracey Carmichael

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