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Healing the Heart of Your Business

You’re often promised that once you follow your soul purpose, things will magically align themselves and abundance will follow. However, in a busy world, creating a successful business around your calling takes passion and commitment which can be overwhelming for heart-centred women. This guide has been specifically designed to show you that it’s possible to experience holistic success without having to sacrifice your well-being.

Healing the Heart of Your Business is filled with thought-provoking insights, practical ideas and questions designed to bring out your inner knowing by examining the North, South, East and West Poles of your business.


  • the secret to recommitting to your deeper life purpose
  • how to fine tune the feminine art of receiving for greater abundance
  • ultimate ways to hour your physical body for sustainability
  • sacred tools to break through your mental blocks to success
  • essential keys to being a self-determined leader with heart and ease
  • how to fall in love with your business again

Lisa Fitzpatrick

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