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Heartbreak, Healing and Happiness

Flourishing after a heartbreak

Heartbreak is a lonely and frightening place to be!

Do you feel as if your world has crumbled around you? Is your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life sprawled like rubble on the floor, with you in the middle of it, lost and scared?

Are you hearing a resounding ‘YES’ coming from deep inside?

Allow Lara to accompany you on the journey through Heartbreak, via Healing and arriving home flourishing in Happiness. Share in her comforting array of self loving insights and tools, plus her very own raw personal experiences. Use her practical activities and exercises to help you move through the pain and suffering.

Redesign and redecorate your life and heal any old lingering hurts forever. Emerge feeling healed and happy with oodles of energy, eager to embark on your new, fun and exciting life adventure.

Love – Truth – Purpose

  • Heartbreak – Learn how to pick yourself up, transform through the grieving process, benefit from the lessons and create self love
  • Healing – Unearth your true self and your inner wisdom. Befriend your inner critic and learn how to live a truly authentic life
  • Happiness – Expose, design and chase your passions, create your vision, map your goals and start living your soul’s desire and life purpose.

Flourish and live your individual version of happily ever after.

Lara Casanova

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