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I Think I’m Going to Be an Airline Pilot

How does a boy from the ‘burbs who grew up playing in the tip at the end of his street on the outskirts of Sydney in the 1940’s become a commercial pilot flying out of Singapore? 

Ken White is many things. He’s a loving husband, father, grandfather and retired commercial airline pilot who enjoys nothing more than a good chat over a meal and a glass of wine. 

Follow Ken’s adventures, misadventures and hijinks in this memoir of growing up in post-World War II Australia as he learns both aircraft mechanics and how to fly, as well as how driving a car with only three doors and a broomstick holding up the roof doesn’t endear one to young ladies’ fathers. 

But it’s not all dances and dalliances. Ken learned to fly before computerised autopilot software, trained many Captains and First Officers himself, and had a front row seat in the 1989 Australian pilots’ dispute. 

A great snapshot of a life lived both on home turf and overseas, in the time when it was considered Australia was finding its identity. As Ken always says, “It all turned out alright in the end!” 

It’s the roads he took to get there that are unexpected but always entertaining.

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