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Lifestyle Reset

The essential guide to healing you and the planet

Lifestyle Reset: The essential guide to healing you and the planet will show you a simple and functional way to restyle your life and save the world at the same time! Lifestyle Reset is a non-judgemental compilation of insights devoted to what you eat, consume, re-use and later dispose of.

  • Explore food transit time, food combining, chewing, mindset, hydration, breathing and telomeres. 
  • Understand the vital gut-brain link.
  • Learn how to bring parasympathetic activity to your daily living.
  • Discover your Ayurvedic dosha.
  • Experience a new take on exercise.
  • Find out why being with the right people will add years to your life.  
  • Learn how essential oils can contribute to more flavour in your food and a much happier mood!
  • Open your eyes to iridology as a diagnostic tool for you and your loved ones. 
  • Learn how to contribute constructively to our planet with a balance of plant-based meals that are kind to the digestive system. 

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