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Little Spoons of Happiness

Delicious plant-based baking

As a nutrition and lifestyle coach, Juanita specialises in a wholefood plant-based diet. But let’s face it, being good all the time can get boring. A girl’s gotta eat cake too! 

Juanita has transformed classic bakery delights into bursts of plant-based deliciousness. She cracked the code, finding a way to take the dairy out of drizzles, the cheese out of cheesecakes and the eggs out of meringues. 

A plant-based bakery soon followed to keep up with demand. Now 60 of the bakery’s top-selling recipes are squeezed into this book so you can make these little spoons of happiness at home! Cakes, slices, desserts, raw treats, cookies, cake pops and cheesecakes – all plant-based, all 100% dairy, egg and gelatine free.

Finally, plant-based beauties, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Juanita Griffin

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