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Loss, Love and Lessons

Healing pet loss and grief


A heartfelt story of love, grief and loss – yours and your pet’s – as you honour your furry, feathery or scaly friend. Loss, Love and Lessons guides you to follow the ‘paw prints’ on your heart, enabling you to heal your loss, feel the love and appreciate the lessons. 

Allow Lara, a heart-centred grief counsellor, to accompany you through Loss, Love and Lessons as she shares from her personal and professional experience and knowledge on grief.  An array of tools, insights, reflections and exercises, interwoven with Lara’s own grief love story, are designed to help you on your healing journey.

Though grief cracks open your heart, this book guides you to continue to feel the love that shines down brightly from your pet angel at the Rainbow Bridge, bringing healing and peace. The unconditional love of two souls connected as one never dies!

The whole point is love!

  • Loss – Heal your loss as you meet the grief of losing your beloved pet. Surrender to the process as you allow your heart to spill over and connect to the unconditional love.
  • Love – Feel the love that lies deep in your heart as you journey through the tumultuous and often misunderstood grief journey. Learn tools and strategies to cope as you honour your pet.
  • Lessons – Appreciate the lessons your pet gifts you as you assimilate these into your own life. Go on to live a deep and rich purposeful life in their honour.

Without grief there is no love!

Lara Casanova

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