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PODCAST: Alex speaks with the wonderful Vickie Magic on Vickie’s inspirational ‘Wake Up to What Matters’ podcast about what inspires her to do what she does and where the seeds for Author Support Services were sown.

VIDEO PODCAST: The Steps of Self Publishing

In this podcast, Alex speaks with Tamara Protassow as part of Tamara’s Book Write Now author coaching course about all things self publishing and how achievable it is for all authors to see their very own book professionally edited, printed and available for sale on the bookstore shelf.

Topics covered include:

  • The difference between self publishing and traditional publishing.
  • Why more and more people are choosing self publishing.
  • The steps of self publishing.
  • Which parts you can do yourself.

PODCAST: In this warts and all interview with Cas McCullough, Alex chats about what it’s like to create a business from scratch and make it successful. This is real-life stuff, not ‘polished for socials’. It’s a few years old, back when Alex had a different surname. Cas wrote a wonderful book Your Brilliant Un-Career about taking the leap into entrepreneurship, so she knows what it’s like to work hard doing what you love. 

Listen to the full interview here…

PODCAST for IngramSpark
Publishing a Book to Grow Your Business

Looking for a new approach to grow your business? If so, have you ever considered publishing a book?

Most people assume that it takes a special kind of person to publish a book—that you must be a passionate writer who stays up at night dreaming about plot twists, character motivations, arcs, etc. But what about publishing a book to grow your business?

Self-publishing has made publishing a book more accessible than ever, and business professionals have taken notice. Alex Fullerton joins Robin Cutler, the Director of IngramSpark, to discuss how she works with business people to create concise, compelling, and comprehensive books that complement their business and increase their professional standing. 

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