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Raw Transformation

An exploration of feminine power, sexuality and vulnerability

More than a memoir and more than a personal development book, Raw Transformation is a deep dive into the human psyche. Into how we understand our sexuality as women, our power and our frailty.

With incredible vulnerability and insight, Claire shares her deepest secrets. Through a series of personal recounts, raw journal entries and areas for the reader to unpack their own feelings and reflect on what it all means, we follow this incredible woman into a profound exploration of ourselves. 

“The female heart laid bare”

Driven by heartache and sexual abuse, Claire searches for love and protection. To attain a man’s love she feels she must lure them in with her body, making her sexual experiences more like addictions than a deeply fulfilling bond. Through nude art modelling and later becoming a stripper, Claire finally comes to realise her body has so much more to offer than how she sells it. She uncovers the truth that her body is a container of trauma yet also an instrument of wisdom. She just has to learn how to embrace it. 

Finally, here is an unpolished heroine and a real, raw human experience to buffer the unrealistic perfection we are usually presented with.

You will come through this having held yourself up to the light and found your heart not lacking, but shining at last.

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