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Salt of the Sea

Tales from Commercial Fishermen

“He had been at sea on boats when they dodged force 12 gales a couple of times but he was doing exactly what he wanted to do – working with the best men on the best boats in the worst extremes of weather. He was testing himself – he wanted to know if he could measure up with the best fishermen. Having spent many seasons in the harsh North Sea and then in the frigid Antarctic Ocean in later years – I reckon he passed his own test, with flying colours.”

Participation rates in Australia’s commercial fishing industry have declined at an alarming rate. Rather than lament what has been lost, Dave Dawson has gathered stories to celebrate what was. A few select real life characters have shared their exciting tales of life at sea, in fair and foul weather, through the boom times and the busts. Each of these fishermen demonstrate the strength, resolve, determination and endurance required for success in a very tough, yet rewarding world. Join Dave for a taste of the way that the world was, and perhaps should still be, when men were men, unrestricted by a bloated, overbearing environmental and bureaucratic monster. Come, step aboard and sail away with us for a unique view of this wonderful ocean of proud individuals – the salt of the sea.

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