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How Alex can help:

Free Consultation

Got a great book idea but aren’t sure what your next step should be?   I meet so many authors, and would-be authors, who have great ideas but aren’t sure what path to follow to advance their book idea. Writing can be an exciting, and also a frustrating time. 

There are so many steps to take to finish your writing, have it professionally edited and turned into a high quality book.  You’re seeking clarity, you want clear steps to take.  And that’s what I offer in my free 20 minute consultation.

During our 20 minutes, we meet via phone or Skype. At the end of our 20 minutes, you will have clear steps to take immediately to move your book idea to the next stage.  Often the next step is to book for the strategy session, but whatever it is, you’ll walk away with purpose and immediately actionable steps.

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FREE Consultation

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“After working with Alex Mitchell to write my book, I can’t imagine how any writer could afford not to have her skillful, experienced and wise guidance. Alex has saved me countless hours of directionless work and bucket-loads of frustration. She has given me the priceless gift of having a clear direction in my writing process. This has saved me from experiencing my tendency towards writer’s block. Alex is the ultimate writer’s secret weapon. I can’t thank you enough Alex!”

Lisa Fitzpatrick,

Lisa Fitzpatrick

Strategy Service

Know you’ve got a great book idea and are keen to become a published author?   Keen to explore and develop your book concept, your goals, your writing style and ultimately the market your book can reach?   Whether you’re just starting to write, are already partway through your manuscript or have finished writing and wondering where to go from here, this is the service for you.

Right now, you’ve got lots of ideas but not a concrete plan.  You know you’ve got something important to say, but you may not be sure on the best way to structure it.  You probably don’t know much about the world of publishing, but you’re keen to see your words in print.  Right now, you’ve got more questions than answers,  and you’re looking for an experienced guide who can help you take the right steps at the right time, set you in the right direction so that you avoid costly and time consuming mistakes, and support you in turning your vision into reality.

And that’s what the strategy service provides to you.  In this comprehensive service, you will be guided through a suite of templates to give you clarity, specific how-to action steps, and a clear vision for your book to take you through all the many stages of the writing, editing and publishing journey.

The Strategy Service comes in three key parts:

  1. Before we meet. You’ll send me completed templates on the five key areas your book idea needs to move it from where it is now to the next level of development
  2. A Skype or face-to-face meeting. An intensive and thorough session, we will explore your book concept (whether you’re just starting to write, are already partway through your manuscript or have finished writing and wondering where to go from here) and mobilise your book project.  At the end of this process, you’ll have a concrete and actionable plan of your immediate next steps, and an inspiring vision to keep you motivated and grounded as your book progresses.
  3. Follow up action steps. You’ll receive my top resources for new writers.  These resources will give you clear, practical and engaging exercises to move your book project along.  You’ll also receive my written analysis of your project, suggestions on your writing style and layout, and answers to your most pressing questions about your project, publishing options and business strategy.

At the end of the Strategy Service, you’ll have a clear idea of where your book needs to go, and invaluable input on how your vision lines up with what you’ve created so far.  You’ll be more confident that your book meets your market, speaks in a language your readers can understand, and gets your message across with passion and clarity.

Carmen Greentree Author Photo small

“I have so many amazing feelings about the journey I completed with Alex and her team. I'd been writing and rewriting my book for what felt like forever. I'd get to a certain point and then realise I wanted to change something... so I'd go back to the beginning and start all over again. I kept doing that until Alex kindly told me to stop and actually write it all the way to the end. Then she provided a team who supported me in doing exactly that. Without them, I'd probably still be writing around and around in circles to this day. Alex and her team guided me in every possible way, providing me with information and advice I didn't even know I needed. Their loving, strong encouragement got me to the finish line and I doubt I'd have been able to do it without them. I felt heard, understood and nurtured throughout the process. And yet all the while, the entire team demonstrated professional service at the highest standard I could have hoped for.

I'm so proud of the book I ended up with. My memoir has become the masterpiece I always envisioned it as, thanks to the Author Support Services expertise. I'm already looking forward to working with the team on my second book. Thank you so much, girls. Keep on rocking it!”

Carmen Greentree

Author of A Dangerous Pursuit of Happiness

Full Book Development

So you’ve had your Strategy Service and are ready to take the next step in developing your book idea?  Keen to get across the world of publishing and how it relates to the book you are developing, but don’t know where to start?  Need an accountability partner to help you bring your book to life and keep your writing on track?

Many new authors I meet are full of wonderful ideas but what they’re lacking is confidence that every step they’re taking is the right one for them.  They may falter at finishing or keeping motivated with key elements of their writing, with structuring the book into a streamlined and readable journey for readers, or with writing to their identified audience in mind. Sometimes it’s all of these issues they are struggling with!

I want to save you time and money during the writing process.  I want to save you frustration and stress as you bring your book to life.  I want to help you avoid costly mistakes (costly in terms of time, money and your precious attention), and I want to make the completing of your book as pleasurable and joyous as possible.

And that’s what the Full Book Development Service delivers.  I am your experienced guide throughout the entire process of completing your book through to publishing it. You never walk alone, and you never have to guess whether the actions you’re taking at the right ones.  You’ll have confidence in what you’re creating, knowing that your book will be edited professionally, from both a structural editing and copy editing perspective.

The five phases to the Full Book Development Service are:

  1. Plan. During this phase, we work together to create a workable structure for your book.  Your book’s pattern and style is planned out, and we unscramble and tease out your key ideas and put them into an observable book shape.  This phase sets you up for the next, which is…
  2. Write. During this phase, you are supported throughout the entire writing process.  You receive ongoing advice and guidance via email, Skype or face to face.  We create a timeline for your book writing and devise a process so you can complete your manuscript in a manageable and realistic timeframe.   After the writing, we move to…
  3. Edit. There are two forms of editing and during this phase, your book will receive both.  Firstly, a structural edit where we discuss how the chapters and concepts come together with a smooth flow and rhythm; and secondly, a copy edit where each paragraph and sentence is checked for readability.  From here we are ready for…
  4. Design. During this phase, your book is typeset (the physical layout of the book) using your input and my designer’s technical skills.  We also design your book cover (for your physical book as well as 3D e-book cover), web banner and any other design assets such as a Facebook banner and business cards.
  5. Print. This technical phase includes registering of ISBN and CIP (terms you’ll come to be very familiar with), physical printing of your book and distribution to online and offline stores.

This highly intensive, deeply practical and engaging process will guide you throughout every phase of your book’s development, from vision to holding your book in your hands.  From self to shelf, you will be supported and coached, at your own pace and in your own way.  No two authors are the same, and you will receive tailored and specific support, just when you need it.    Our relationship is based on trust and honest communication, and you’ll receive a personal service that meets your every need as an emerging author.

Contact me today to start the process!


“I am a ‘do it myself’ person, determined to learn and accomplish everything on my own. I discovered though, while completing my book, that this is not always the best option. After I had written my book I found myself going around in circles trying to make sure everything was in the right order and that it all made sense. I finally realised that I could not do this alone and I was in great need of an editor!This was a scary prospect! I was almost paralysed with the thought of an editor ripping my work part and telling me to start again. I was terribly nervous but I need not have feared because Alex was just fabulous!Alex took me through a step by step process, so it was not as overwhelming as I had expected. Alex did point out where I could make improvements (but never my faults) and I survived. I was quick to understand that this author and editor relationship is possibly the most important part of completing a book. A book is a creation, sometimes an art. The author is the creator or artist. An editor has the job of criticising the author’s work, not an easy task when dealing with the artist persona. I truly believe that I would still be going around in circles had I not worked with Alex. She has an adorable sense of humour which just made everything so much easier. Alex helped me get my book organised so it flowed in the right order to make sense to my readers.”

Kama Frankling
Author of The Happy Migrant

Book Marketing Services

Writing a book is an enormous achievement.  But once it’s written, you have to sell it!  Yes, I know, sales are a dirty word.  But if you’ve put your heart and soul into writing this book, it would be a shame if no one was able to benefit from your knowledge, your hard work and your gifts.

We’ve created a set of affordable, bite sized services, to help you get the word out without overwhelming yourself.   Often marketing can seem so enormous, with so many options, so many places you need to be simultaneously, it’s tempting to do nothing.  And if you’ve spent a bomb on a marketing package, there’s a risk you will have fizzled out part way through with nothing to show for it.

So we’ve broken marketing down into little cupcakes sized treats. Simple and tasty. You can bite off a little at a time, adding more activities if you choose, but always keeping it at your own pace.

  • Book launch marketing
  • Press releases
  • Back of book blurbs
  • Social media posts
  • Sales and promotions letters
  • Email campaigns
  • Website pages

You can find all the details by clicking the button bellow, so please check them out, see what suits you then get in touch and let us know how we can help your book shine!

“My entire business is built around producing an incredible book product, one in which is both well written and very readable and has a high quality print job- basically it needs to look and feel a million dollars. I believe everything is energy so it is important to me to work with people who truly love what they do, as this energy is also contained within the book. I am therefore extremely particular about who I work with on our book projects to achieve a great result. My books consist of 16 individual contributors each having a chapter dedicated to them. I want their voices to be heard whilst also allowing their personality and individuality to be expressed. Along with having a consistent feel across the entire book. I feel it takes a rare talent to balance both these aspects in the editorial process. Alex was brilliant in her turnaround times and met every deadline, she really understood the Q and A style and worked within that like a true professional. Love your work Alex!”

Fiona Jones
Creator and Best-selling author of The Millionaire Book series.

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