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Surviving the Devil

Escaping Domestic Violence: A true story

Melanie Survivor grew up in a loving middle-class family where abuse didn’t exist. In her early 20s she met the Devil and had no idea of the world she was entering. Lost, hurt and alone, she lived years of progressive abuse, during which time she gave birth to her first daughter, before escaping. At the age of 37 she met the man of her dreams and is now living in a loving relationship.

Mel broke the cycle of abuse, and you can too.

Read Mel’s story of survival, and see how easy it is to fall into the cycle of abuse

Feel empowered to know YOU always have a choice

Learn the tools to escape a domestic violence relationship

Melanie Survivor is a relationship expert who has turned her life around and now helps others do the same. From her happy blended family home in Australia, she provides one to one support and online courses for survivors of abuse, as well as speaking at seminars and workshops.

Melanie Survivor

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