Sweet & Unsavoury

Case Stories for People Managers

Sweet & Unsavoury provides a frank perspective on the workforce and the challenges of managing people.

Karen Twitchett brings 25 years of experience in the trenches of corporate management to these engaging case stories. She candidly reflects and shares her experiences with practical advice and transferable solutions that will support managers to deal with the complexities of managing people.

While the case stories may feel familiar, Karen’s insights will support a deeper understanding of your own situation. You will feel genuinely understood, at time validated and at others mildly reprimanded. Most importantly you’ll be motivated to try new ways of managing and motivating your people.

Opening Karen’s book is like catching up with a trusted advisor – she will coach you through the challenges of managing people in a non-judgemental and constructive way.

Essential reading for managers needing:

  • To motivate their people
  • To build positive team dynamics
  • To understand complexity, and
  • Permission to smile at someone else’s expense.

Karen Twitchett

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