Sales Page in a Non-fiction Book

You have a very good opportunity at the end of your non-fiction book to include a sales page of some kind. “A sales page?!” I hear you shout.  “How dare you!  I can’t force sales on my reader!  What a terrible thought! I am a decent person!  I am a writer!” Before you hang me…

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Christmas Wish List

20 BOOKS FOR 2020 It’s that time of year again, time for gift giving and shopping for your goodies. Are you ready? You need time to make sure your gifts are thoughtful, meaningful and give pleasure to the person unwrapping them on Christmas day. But we all know how hard it is to find time…

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From First-Time Writer to International Hachette Author

Our guest blogger this month is Catherine Molloy, author of Hachette’s The Million Dollar Handshake, which has been published in seven countries and has even been translated into Taiwanese!

Catherine says “Writing the material for my book as an indie author with Alex’s help opened up the doors to traditional publishing for me. The steps taken to create the material and use it successfully in my business ensured I was in a position to be noticed by a traditional publisher and achieve the success I have today.”

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Lisa Fitzpatrick

An Epic Cure for Writer’s Block

In writing her book Healing the Heart of Your Business, Lisa Fitzpatrick has had to push through a serious bout of writer’s block, a chronic case of not good enough and recurring rounds of it’s impossible to finish. Yes, like many of life’s challenges, in writing we are often our own worst enemy. And yet she did it…

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Am I expert enough to write a book?

Am I Expert Enough to Write a Book?

Sometimes we tell ourselves we’re not good enough and more often than not, we believe it. Many aspiring authors and even established ones have at some point in time asked themselves  “Am I expert enough to write a book?”. This is a defining question; the answer can mean the difference between writing that book or…

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