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Terminal to Remission with Cannabis Oil

An Australian success story

Allison, a typical mum, had her world turned upside down by a devastating cancer diagnosis that gave her less than two years to live. The doctors’ prognosis was so grim that her life insurance was paid out and Allison, her husband and young son started taking their final bucket-list holidays. 

But Allison wasn’t ready to give up hope when the medical system ran out of ideas, so she gathered her strength and decided to look for alternative treatments, even if it meant breaking the law.  With cannabis oil still illegal, Allison found herself in a fight for her life that took her to the backstreets of Nimbin to access her medicine. 

The chance she took led to a remarkable tale of triumph over adversity. 

This story of courage, determination and gentle humour reminds us what it was like only a few short years ago, when ordinary people went to extraordinary lengths to get the medical help they needed. 

Ten years on, Allison is not just alive but free of cancer, cannabis oil is now legal, and thousands of Australians are using it every day. 

This book is a must-read for those intrigued by this ground-breaking yet still controversial treatment option. 

  • Laugh and cry along with Allison at the bizarre situations she finds herself in.
  • Witness the frustration as Allison and her family face countless obstacles in their quest to obtain the medicine she needs to survive 
  • Explore the history of cannabis and the enduring stigma surrounding this controversial plant.

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