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Terminally Fabulous

A young woman’s fight for dignity and fabulousness on her terminal cancer journey

Locked in a world of pain, medication and frustration, the only thing Lisa felt she had any control over now were her words. Over 65,000 people read her honest, funny and raw blog Terminally Fabulous. Her supporters shared regularly in the heartbreak endured by this beautiful, vivacious and courageous young blogger during her cancer journey. No subject was off limits with Lisa’s humour and brutal honesty shining through, even on her toughest days. Along with this tragic sentence came special moments and opportunities which we share with you in this book.

  • Walk the journey with Lisa through tears of joy and sadness
  • Share in the ups and downs and know you are not alone
  • Sense the loss and void the families of those with cancer endure.

Lisa & Geraldine Magill

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