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Testimonial Collection and Development

We know how uncomfortable it can feel seeking testimonials for your book. Whether you are approaching colleagues, friends, celebrity endorsers or professional connections, it is all the same level of squeamishness when it comes to asking for a written recommendation. 

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What’s included: 

We can support you in collecting those all-important written words you need to promote your book. 

We develop a security-protected version of your book.You send us a list of five prospective testimonial providers and their phone, email and LinkedIn details. We then communicate with each of those contacts for you, offer suggestions within your genre, and seek effective and relatable testimonials for your book within a viable deadline.Once the responses are received, we review and format your testimonials and send them to you fully hyperlinked.You can use your shiny new testimonials in your book, on the cover, on your website and in your marketing.
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The Testimonial Collection and Development service fee is $375 (inc GST).

We provide you with ready-to-publish testimonials for you to use in your book and distribute to your website, social media and email campaigns.

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