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The Legacy of Starseed Wisdom

Awakening pure potentiality to other realms of existence

Do you have a Starseed lineage? Have you ever wondered if it is possible to communicate with beings from other galaxies?

This book describes the day my life changed forever. 

When a seemingly innocent ornamental duck arrived on my driveway to wake me up to Starseed wisdom, a series of extraordinary events began to test my idea of reality and, ultimately, my sanity.

I had experienced the paranormal from a very early age and had always felt different to others with a constant overwhelming feeling of wanting to return home to some place other than the earthly plane. I had never entertained the concept of Starseeds and their ultimate purpose here on Earth. However, what occurred in my house over the following months took my beliefs to a whole different level. 

Through telepathic messages, downloading of ancient codes and symbols, interdimensional travel, alien beings, portals of entry to other galaxies, and the repatterning of my DNA through the ascension process, this book describes my journey of self-discovery. It ultimately led to completing the puzzle of my ancient lineage to the stars and the message that it is time to wake others up to such potentiality.

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