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The Mindful Author

Book One of the Ignite & Write series

You have experience, knowledge, or wisdom inside you that simply MUST
come out!

You have been asking for a sign, looking for a structure, and thirsting for the
pathway to share what you know… But you’ve been stuck.

“I don’t have the time.”
“I’m not an expert.”
“No one will read what I write.”

Sadly, these are all self-imposed reasons why you have not put pen to paper
and they will only hold you back from creating the impact you are being called
to make!

The Mindful Author is the first book in the Ignite & Write trilogy designed to
step you through from your first word to complete book using the Phoenix
Phenomenon process.

What you hold in your hand is the first flame inviting your story to RISE!

Within these pages, you’ll find your inspiration and become empowered by the
strength of your story as Roxanne leads you to transform your fears, roadblocks,
and self-doubt into confidence and completion.

It’s time to embrace the mindset of an author.

It’s time to IGNITE your passion and WRITE your book.

The world is waiting for your message!

Roxanne McCarty-O’Kane

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