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The Power of a Peaceful Woman

49 ways to drop the armour and defuse the drama

This book is a practical resource for every remarkably unremarkable woman. The woman who handles life’s daily dramas and the pressure of keeping it all together in her family, work, home and relationships. It’s for the woman who convinces herself and the world that she’s ‘got this’, while hiding a secret fear of not being enough. This deep-down fear is the driving force that unconsciously fuels her struggles and keeps her from the peaceful, loving and joy-filled life she so deeply desires. With this book, that’s all about to change.

  • Discover how to drop the armour that hides your fears and keeps you and your heart hidden from the world
  • Learn how to defuse ALL the drama and conflict in your life, without giving in, being a pushover or becoming a doormat
  • Reconnect to your inner wisdom so you can truly hear the voice of your heart, because SHE knows the way.

These pages reveal 49 ‘real life’ lessons and practices that will guide you to the most potent power on earth – your inner peace.

Jennifer Forster 

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